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#LiveStory page difficulty. If you’re subscribed #SneakReader, please let me know if you’re having difficulty w/the Links #BloggedBook

For the past couple of weeks, all of a sudden, subscribers to the Live Story have been having trouble.

I don’t know if this is something WordPress did or me.

But I tweaked the back end.

So if you have the link, please click on it now and see if it works.

If you don’t, please just comment below and say Subscriber can’t access. Or email me the original receipt and I’ll try it again.

But i really been working on it.

thanks for you guys patience.

This is new to me and new to the Internet because I hardly see a lot of authors doing this so I’m learning as I go and setting up methods for years to come.

BTW, did you see the video for the upcoming book, Beautiful?

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