#READACROSSAMERICAN DAY for adults: La Revanche des Trois #BlackFamilySeries is NOW on @Amazon

La Revanche des Trois aka Revenge of Three has a different cover and has been re-edited.

If you don’t know, La Revanche des Trois aka Revenge of Three is part of The Black Family Series – the dark side of the family and it gets so much better.


I don’t know why people are secretly intrigued with this family, but they are and so am I. They have really awful problems and/or attracted to the dark things in life.

In Love Like This, it was just his ex-wife’s daughter. James, in Hope is Love, fell in love with a homeless woman while someone was out trying to kill him. In the Mysterious Mr. Black, well, that’s even harder to explain, but trust me crazy is real in that family.

And now we have this one: La Revanche des Trois aka Revenge of Three

Of course each story gets more complicated and this one is by far very, but I love challenging my readers to think more and figure everything out.

What’s so different about this one?

Well, the cover for one.


Thanks to cover designer,  Muñeca Smith for her work on the cover. 

I also edited the book using my favorite new tool Fiverr. Thanks to Sydney Morgan for that.

Now it’s time for action! Get your copy now!


If you’re read the book, please click this link and drop a review.

If you haven’t purchased the book, please go to Amazon and grab a copy or get yours at Smashwords.


So today is March 2nd, Read Across America. But for Adults at the Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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