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Author’s Note: I know I’m posting late. I had a very eventful day. More or less nothing exciting but the opposite. Sigh… In return for taking so long, I broke my own word count rule and you’re getting almost 2000 words. 

I also had to do some research about the feminine hymen. I know some of you are going to say, hey, she had kids, hey she was pregnant, hey, she had sex. Yeah, but you can still keep part of the hymen or they even have the possibility of growing back. I think after Mistaken Identity, you should trust, I did the research. I love truth more than I love fiction. It’s much more exciting.


Wherever Doc dried her he kissed her, leaving the space between her thighs last. He dropped to his knees while she lay on the bed.

Each man had his own style. While Thal took his time exploring her, Doc jumped right in going for her most sensitive spot and then dipping around the taste what he had worked for as if rewarding himself.

He was lovingly messy, but produced amazing results. Her body was practically shuddering from the wonderfulness of Doc’s oral ministrations.

Thal came over to the bed stark naked and laid near her head gently rubbing her breast to harden her nipples again.

Turning her head, Jordan could bring his semi hardness easily down her throat. In one motion, she swallowed him almost to the hilt and then withdrew.

“Dammit, woman,” Thal growled in amazement, but also pressed down into her, enjoying her initiative.

With Doc between her legs and Thal in her mouth, Jordan didn’t feel like a frigid innocent at all. She felt powerful and good all over.

“Doc, let’s take her …” Thal snarled as his manhood engorged, but he didn’t miss a stroke pressing himself into her mouth, withdrawing and then repeating.

With him thickening in her mouth, Jordan couldn’t go all the way down to the base and soon she could only put the tip of him in her mouth, but used her hands to work from her lips to his base.

Doc voraciously laved her even after she succumbed to yet another tumultuous orgasm using his tongue to clean up her essence, which had burst from her.

By this time, Thal had started become in tune to her suckling, pushing himself deeper down her throat. He was very aware the moment she thought she was going to choke and he guided her chin higher and in a very calm voice instructed her to breathe out as he pressed in.

Concentrating on his words, Jordan did as instructed and couldn’t believe how his thicken staff moved further down her throat and the choking sensation dissipated. She would know she was doing well because often Thal forgot himself and groaned loudly clutching her hair and slurring his words in mid sentence.

Jordan was studious in her pursuit to hear him groan from her oral ministrations until he was curising, “Damn woman!”

Yes, he sounded harsh as he spoke, but he wasn’t curising in a bad way.

He moved away from her mouth completely and she whimpered.

Thal moved her up on the bed and covered her body with his own. In a flash, he grabbed something from the table on the side of the bed and she saw a wrapper had dropped on the floor before he started voraciously kissing her, while his other hand went between their legs.

A moment later, Jordan felt him pressing against her and then entering her. Gasping, Jordan closed her eyes tight and clutched his shoulders. The feel of him was very very different from Abraham.

Every inch he would stop, rotate his hips and then pressed more.

The feeling was like no other. Abraham didn’t fill her… not like this. She could always feel her ex at her entry, but never like this… the feeling of being filled… filled with a hard hard man’s flesh was overwhelming… joyous…

Jordan was drowning in so much pleasure she was crying and then suddenly she stiffened…

When he was halfway he must have felt it too.

“What the fuck is…” He gasped just as loudly as she had and they both stared at each other. “You’ve never been fucked this deep?” he hissed in surprise.

She had never experienced a man being so deep in her, but Abraham had been her only lover, so … did that mean he had never been deep enough.

“Your husband wasn’t…” He cursed viciously as he pressed deeper into her. “Tight… so… damn… fu…..k-king…” He was barely keeping himself together and she was barely holding on to her sanity.

The deeper he pressed the closer she knew she was going to blow… Not just blow… her body was edging toward a bright insanity … a visceral explosion that she was terrified, yet wanted to experience.

Holding on to him for dear life, Thal took her over the edge, but instead of falling, she flew…

And he held her tight as he joined her on the heavenly blast where not even angels could be privy. She cried, screamed, laughed all at the same time never wanting to leave this beautiful cosmos.

As he came down from his high, he kissed her brow, her cheek and then her lips. “Thank you.”

“For what?” she asked breathlessly.

“I’ve never taken a semi virgin,” he admitted quietly.

“I didn’t know I still was. I didn’t know you could…” She blushed. “I had a c-section with the twins and I…” She blushed even harder unable to form the words to explain anything to him.

Doc came to sit on the bed next to them handing her a glass of wine. She blushed more because she had forgot all about him. He propped the pillow up a little under her head.

“I’m no doctor, but I’m a nurse and the hymen can stay intact for a while. How do you feel?” he questioned genuinely concerned.

Jordan drank the entire glass needing to relax again.

Doc took her glass and he looked at Thal. They were doing that kinetic talk.

Thal smiled gently with a look of astonishment in his milk chocolate eyes kissing her briefly. “You are so different from others, Jaye.”

Jordan wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing, but was afraid to ask him to go into depth. “I thought I had to lose my virginity to … well, when I had sex with my ex… He called me stupid for getting pregnant my first time.” She remembered the hard and ugly words. She remembered how Abraham would tell her she was ignorant about love making.

Yet all this time, it had been because he had been too small. Abraham wasn’t even half of what Thal was; Not even a quarter! Even when her husband had been hardened…

“Is it going to feel uncomfortable all the time initially?” she questioned Thal.

“No, as long as you enjoy it,” Thal answered with amusement now in his eyes.

“Good,” she said. “Because I want to do it some more.”

Thal and Doc chuckled and Jordan knew this was something new for them.

“Is that bad?” she asked unsure, looking from one to the other.

“No, Jaye. Nothing you say or do could ever be bad.” Thal rose away from her and removed the condom from himself.

She saw he tossed this in the garbage and at the same time pulled her up to guide her over to the sink by the shower door leaving Doc at the bed.

The water was warm in the spray and Thal washed her. There was just a little blood and she wasn’t embarrassed about him touching and cleaning her body. Thal was very thorough and meticulous; even going so far as to press his finger in her rear to clean back there.

“Your attention to detail is good and bad for you,” she pointed out.

That evil smile came on Thal’s lips. “Yes. It tends to attract and detract women from my life.”

Jordan wondered if she could ever find his evil smile unattractive, but she would only know him for a night and his other faults could be more severe.

He looked deep into her eyes. “I want to fuck you again, Jaye,” Thal whispered, nipping at her neck and turning her body into the water, while her back pressed against his body.

One hand helped the water wash the soap off her body, while the other moved behind her. Jordan gasped feeling his fingers press into her from the rear.

He moved in front of her and then dipped down between her legs. To steady herself, he maneuvered her thigh over his broad shoulder before his face disappeared into her womanly paradise. He groaned as he began to lick her up and down from her mons veneris to perineum arousing her body again yet again.

Just as she was recovering yet again from a pleasant orgasm, Thal was guiding her to the bed.

Doc had changed the sheets and was sitting on the edge. “Are you okay?” he asked with apprehension as Thal guided her right to his brother’s open arms and then picked up the wine left for him.

She was touched by Doc’s concerned. “Yes,” she said, kissing his cheek in thanks for his concern.

He pulled her into his arms closer, lifted her a little and laid her underneath him. There was this look in his mystique eyes that made her lock eyes with him. “My brother has made those eyes of yours glow,” Doc noted before passionately kissing her.

He didn’t hesitate to kiss her knowing his brother’s lips had just been on hers. She found this fascinating about the “brothers.” They really didn’t seem to mind sharing her. Matter of fact, she could almost sense that the idea of sharing her turned them on even more.

Jordan loved what these men were doing to her, yet she was scared about what was next. Doc reached over her while he was kissing her. She knew he was putting on a condom and smiled to herself liking that despite how glorious they made her feel, they respected her need for safe sex.

As he moved himself over her, she noted Doc was thicker. From the moment he entered her, Jordan knew he was there. She wasn’t just moaning, she was thriving in screams of ecstasy as he pushed into her body trying to decide if he should kiss her lips or her breasts. Either way, she enjoyed herself with him.

She could feel as Doc thickened even more inside of her.

“How does she feel?” Thal asked his brother, lying at the head of the bed watching them, while sipping on a glass of wine.

“Beautiful,” Doc whispered, pumping in deep slow strokes riding her into an exquisite obscurity where she didn’t know where they’re bodies began or her soul ended.

Doc maneuvered her so they laid on their side, pulling her thighs over his and then she felt Thal behind her as Doc continued to kiss her still pumping deep inside of her.

Thal kissed and nibbled on her nape and behind her ear, while pressing himself well lubricated behind her.

She wanted to stiffen; she wanted to be scared, but her body seemed to be open and relaxed despite her apprehension that she had never done any of this before, which these men were now seducing her body into.

A nip, a kiss, a caress and a deep thrust all at once from Thal and Doc, pushed whatever fear away, opened her soul to them as they pushed deep into her cursing in unison from the tightness of her body.

And there was nowhere else Jordan wanted to be at that moment and time as she experienced the most powerful eruption of the night. There was a harmonious exquisite rapture shrouding over all them, through them and around them as Thal and Doc burgeoned with her, both resting their faces on each side of hers. Her heartbeat was going crazy and she could only hold on for dear life as her body detonated.

All three of their breathing synced and then they quavered together.

Three bodies joined and entwined together as one in a beautiful bliss very few in the world could ever experience.

Jordan was a virgin no more.

Let me know what you think and I’m still eager to know if you’re team Thal or Doc. And if you were Jordan, would you go this far to prove you weren’t a prude?

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