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I have a lot of books. I realize that as more and more new readers start to find my work and ask me questions about books in the past. When I say trying to keep up with all the books I have is like keeping up with needles in the haystack, I’m happy to say I don’t have a problem trying to figure out which story they are talking about unless they just really get the story lines mixed up.

In 2016, I’ve decided to start letting my readers know the BestSellers. These totals come from CreateSpace, Smashwords and Amazon Bookstores that let me know where I’m selling at PRIMARILY.

To find specific bookstores that suite your needs please go to my fiction bookstore and click on the bookstore you’d like to go to in order to get to the book you want.

The links to the books below are to my Amazon bookstore which while I’m writing a blog post is easier to link to than other bookstores.

SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) | B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | iTunes Apple Bookstore|

Ebook Paid Bestsellers

  1. Tanner’s Devil
  2. The Mysterious Mr. Black
  3. Hope is Love

Paperback BestSellers

This category was rather difficult, because I’m in between printers. I’m moving all my paperback books to Createspace while the other books printed at another printer is not being printed but still being sold somewhat in other distributors I guess until they sell out. So I’ve made this slightly longer to help you get at least some of the books available.

  1. Tanner’s Devil
  2. Mistaken Identity – (not available for paperback at this time)
  3. Secrets, Lies & Family Ties (not available for paperback at this time)
  4. Cabin Fever
  5. Dark Facade (This paperback has all four ebooks inside. Sweet deal for readers)




Kindle Unlimited BestSellers

  1. Mistaken Identity III
  2. A Little Bit of Sin (Books 1-3) – This link goes to just Book One
  3. Dreams of Reality





Free Books

  1. Love Like This
  2. Road To Freedom
  3. Diamond in the Rough





I think this was a good thing to do. It took forever to write this blog post, but I really enjoyed doing this for my readers. Please take a moment and share this with other readers and make sure you check out books you haven’t read at the bookstores below…

SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) | B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | iTunes Apple Bookstore|

…Remember collect them all!


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