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So I’ve been frustrated as a writer financially.

The Guardian didn’t help by coming out with that flabberghasting article about Authors earning below poverty line.

To be creative and passionate about your craft feels like you just have to accept you’re not going to be the JK Rowling of Erotic Mysteries.

I’ve accepted that. Hell, I can’t even get a Terry McMillian paycheck at this point.

I get a fill up my car on a weekly basis and be fine with that kind of deal. wahoo…


I’ve also been frustrated about a lot of other things:

My productivity in my stories… which I’m not about to address to even myself at this point, but I will say I’ve punched out chapters on Ravenous and figured out how Onyx is going to be the B of all B’s if ya know what I mean.

My migraines… they’re not on schedule anymore and I don’t know if I’m going through a major body change or all the crap is about to hit the fan. I’ve been changing my diet and so forth, but ugh… nothings working to alleviate them. They been a bane most of my life, but now I’m just about ready to have had enough of them, but not ready to go all medical on my body.

My website… so ready to change it. Not ready to sit down and do it.

My past catalog… that’s what I’m going to talk about today is a past work. The past books ( over 30 of them, sit on book sites stagnant and well just barely selling.) Partly because I do need to come out with new work and look for more readers, but then that gets in the way of productivity yet increases financials.

The dilemma.

Anyhoo, Drawing the Line has been a book I wrote a long time ago, received very little fan fare about and then it just died off, only to be picked up by readers looking for Onyx or people curious as to why I added Mistaken Identity 1.5 onto it when it really has nothing to do with Jerome or Tyrone.

It’s the premise of the Mistaken Identity Line where a mix up and a polyamory situation comes into play.

There might be a Mistaken Identity 2.5 coming along soon, but we’ll see. I know I have one dug down somewhere. I distinctly remember one that had to do with a parking lot scene and two men taking a woman on a car, but I  can’t seem to find that story anywhere. Ugh…

Moving on…

old cover
old cover

Drawing the Line old cover was ugh… ughly… (yes, with the H). So I got on my favorite site Fiverr.com and found Kaylea Ehm. She took my idea and since this wasn’t a book I wanted to push all my money into, I told her do what she could to make it just a little more professional looking.  I sent her the picture I got from iStockPhotos.com (because you should pay for your pictures authors and not steal them from the web.)

Well, when I say she gave me back something pretty darn awesome for $5 bucks, I was pretty happy about it.

I thank her very much for it and left her an awesome review and now encourage you if you need a book cover to hit her up.


Buy Book Now

There was still a lot of editing that needed to be done and without a lot of money (usually ranging between seven to eight hundred dollars per book) I was unable to afford anything.

Until I was wandering over on fiverr and I stumbled across ALLISREVEUR. I can’t really say what made me click on custom ordering. I read all her reviews and looked really carefully at her bio and then I custom offered for a great sum I could afford for this 100K writing.

She accepted the offer and even changed the turnaround time from three months to one month… And she ended up sending the book in less than three weeks. OMG! Plus she offered insight into the story and I just reeled in tears after that.

So I was able to afford-ably re-publish my book and I’m going to push this to paper back by the end of the year. That should make my offline book people very happy too.

Yes, I’m excited about it and I thank myself and of course Fiverr for making my life a little easier..

If you ordered this book and already have it, please go to your place of purchase and you should be able to download it again for an updated version in about a week or so. Depending on how fast they get the new uploads, but I thought I should let you know it’s there.

Let me know when you re-read it what you think.

Thank you guys for your patience.

Note to Android user who uses GoogleBooks… Go to Smashwords site and download Drawing The Line as .epub to your phone and when you open the file it will upload to your GoogleBooks and stay there whether you use another device with GoogleBooks. It will be permanently in your Google account. AwesomeSauce!!


Buy Book Now

If you’ve read the book, please leave a review. After you leave a review, please share it with other readers. Thanks so much for helping me get out of poverty.

To read more about this book (excerpt, the live story discussions and so forth) check out the special website for it at https://drawingtheline.wordpress.com


6 thoughts on “What I’m working on: #DrawingTheLine #amreading | Found An Editor @Fiverr

  1. Ms. Hubbard,

    I can’t wait to read the updated version. I love Shane’s story and how she was able to overcome so much. You have a very unique writing style for dark story lines. I have not found anyone else who can match your style. Looking forward to Tanner’s Devil.

  2. Well Sylvia, you know I will read it again. It’s been a while since I read the original and I do love the look of the new cover. I will forever be a supporter of your writing and I hate I’m not super rich and can’t finance your projects… but I will continue to do my part.

    I’m sorry to hear about the migraines. I have them too and sometimes I cannot predict the different migraine cycles I go through but I do know mine are mostly hormonally related. Stress is a huge migraine trigger for me as well. Outside of medication, meditation and exercise have helped me with managing my migraine issue.

    1. thank you so much! I’m now trying to work out the migraine diet which I’m finding is different for everyone. sometimes it’s tomato sauce but not tomatoes, some chocolate, but not all chocolate, some diary but not all diary. ugh… so much. I want to do more exercise yet time and other things have gotten in the way. i love that my readers really understand that about me. a lot of people can’t understand the pain of migraines and why they are a blessing and curse, but they kept you relavant and they keep you appreciative of the good days you have when there’s no migraine.

      1. Yep, learning your triggers can be nightmarish (which is the reason for the migraine diet)… but my migraines have also taught me to live life to the fullest. Keep writing Sylvia and I will keep reading 😉

  3. Sylvia, I’m happy you found an editor, I’m sure it will make you life easier. Just know that my offer still stands, if you ever decide to use my services. I enjoy your work, and am willing to help whenever you need it. 🙂

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