Private LiveStory Site Coming Soon… Would you like a free subscription?

I have been going through my books and making notes…

Some of them I know I need to finish… I’m updating my WIP workInProgressbut if you have a list of your own, add it to the comments in case I missed one.

Some I know I’ll never publish because they are just weird or freaky.

There are now about four in that pile. Literally!

They have great characters, great story lines, but the weird and freaky and sometimes just horrible things happen that I know a publisher or a regular reader would never accept, so I just tuck those away so they won’t fly free.

But I would like to set them free somewhere. So I want to give my readers a chance to really go on the dark side, light side or the other side of my imagination and journey to a place where exclusivity can be.

I’ll be starting live stories again in 2016. I’m excited because all the books I post on there will be finished. Swear on it.

I’ll also post filler stories that some readers missed that were posted on Wattpad and so forth.

Now I will charge, but the good thing about will be…once the book is through posting, the reader can actually download the book to their #Googlebook store and read in it’s entirety (I think I spelled that right.)

The first book to be posted will be…drum roll…

twowaystobliss the next will be


And following that, the characters from Two Ways to Pleasure actually come back in whole another book called


After that, in the line up will be

The Murderer's Lover

Now this will be a whole new site and there will be more information to come on how to request entry into the site.

I’m giving out five free subscriptions to people who would like to join the promotion team. That’s a $20 dollar value in the first year and a $30 dollar value in the second year.

If you are an author and would like to co-sponsor, there are four slots for every quarter in 2016. You’ll get two author advertisement posts about your books, plus one sneak peak into your books a month to my readers. Those co-sponsors will be $30 as well because you’ll also be giving a subscription into the site to read the stories too.

More information is forthcoming as I set everything up, plus also work on all my WIP’s including

Emperor’s Addiction

King’s Paradise

Stealing Innocence 3

Betrayed (Book One)

Interested in being a team member? Are you an author interested in co-partnering?


13 thoughts on “Private LiveStory Site Coming Soon… Would you like a free subscription?

  1. Hello again.. This sounds very exciting but does this mean that these 4 books that you have posted up top with the pictures, will only be released on the new site, NOT amazon ??

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    I requested to be added to your new site yesterday and wanted to know how will those chosen be notified that they were selected. I always enjoy reading your books.


  3. Update: there were fifteen sign ups for free subscription of which I have to choose only ten and then I might make subscription half price lifetime for those early signups that were not choosen. Trying to see if I want to do a private or a site, both of which i have access to and you would be able to have go in and get membership easily.





    If you guys know of any recommended author live story websites I could reference then post below.

    Otherwise can you suggest street team gifts.

    The ones I have in mind are…

    $10 gift cards from amazon or b/n
    Collector cards of book covers

    Ummm, yeah, I’m out of ideas or just tired.

    Anyone else?

      1. omg, that is an awesome suggestion… especially in march, I’d have incentives for the street team. thank you. i just found some special ones with boxes that say just for you!! awesome sauce.. keep the suggestions coming!

    1. You could also do t-shirts, coffee mugs and even mouse pads all with some type of label on them that reflect one of your books, or your slogan in some form.. But I do like Cerenities key chine idea. That’s really good… I signed up by putting my info in up top.. Hopefully that’s the right way.. Lol. Thanks Sylvia m

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