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Finally, Ravenous Chapter 36 posted. Sorry for the delay… #amwriting @wattpad #romance

Author’s Note: Since it’s been a minute since I last posted (we won’t talk about the life stressors) here’s a short paragraph to click your memory.

When we last left our female protag, Chon, she was talking with Onyx who then knocked her unconscious. From that, we open with Chapter 36 where Chon is waking up after being knocked out for three days and no knew of her whereabouts. Yeah, Onyx is a capital B right now.

I also like to add another character, Jefferson Chance. He appears in Sin’s Iniquity initially and if you know him, you know what he’s packing. LOL.

Additional writing note that I didn’t put on Wattpad for my #Sneakreaders:
I had to actually leave the sanctuary of my bedroom, where I usually write and go sit at my dining room table.

Of course the kids didn’t like this at all, but then who pays the bills huh?

I needed the change of environment to get some work done and typed almost four thousand words in order to get this done.

I also cheated and did some social media, watched an episode of CSI and that new show Mr. Robinson and did some of my social media work for two accounts.

Yeah, I know I’m bad. I know you need me to finish this story.

Hell, I need to finish this story.

And I will. I’ll get over this hump and pump out this book and then get to all the other crap I need to do.

Lawd, willing and the creek don’t rise.. whatever that mean.

I was trying to be cool and embed the story into my blog here at wordpress but that didn’t go well, so if you can’t see it through the above link, just click below on the cover and as always, enjoy.

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