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AuthorsNote: Ravenous: Taking Care of Him Book 1… #amwriting #amreading #wattpad

Getting back into the swing of live writing.  It’s weird and oddly addicting again.

This past year has been a struggle internally.  Yes, the fire was two years ago,  but mentally recovering from enduring,  plus being a mommy is not as easy as I obviously make it look. 

Along with everything there was a new job,  new home,  new relationships,  new problems and always old bills and old drama all mixed together with the pressure of trying to write something. ..anything!!!

I know what I’m writing will be good cuz I’m really starting to passionately hate my male protagonist,  Dorian Zane.

He’s worse than Jalen.

I guess because he’s an ex to Onyx Heart.

Now I know that will make old readers anxious.  And you’re probably surprised to know Onyx has an ex boyfriend. 

He shocked me when he arrived at the door step to my mind.  Really messed over and irritable as all get out.


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