Listen to @SylviaHubbard1 on @MonicaMJones Motivation talking of 2015 literary endeavors


2 thoughts on “Listen to @SylviaHubbard1 on @MonicaMJones Motivation talking of 2015 literary endeavors

  1. Hi Sylvia, I listened to your online interview and I so enjoyed it. 🙂 it was funny and so nice to put a voice with the face.. You are my favorite author along with Pepper Pace, Sienna Mynx and Latrivia Nelson. Anytime I put a face and a voice with the name of the author it just makes reading your work so exciting Lol. I believe you have had other interviews like that before but I have never taken the time to listen and decided to this time around. Glad I did. You have a pleasant voice and a wonderful personality. I totally loved your motivation that you were putting out when speaking about your family and losing your home, different things and still moving forward. So inspiring Thank you for sharing. 🙂 Now for my big question lol you said that your working on some things, paraphrasing “catching up on some waiting books”. please tell me some of that consist of the Betrayed series??? Lol I just really loved that series and would like to know what happens. There was a blog that u posted Feb 26, where u said a few books you wanted to focus on in 2014 were Emperors book 2 (I saw a pic of the book cover I think either on your twitter or ig) Eves Deception, Kings Paradise and Stealing Innocence 3 (Lethal story). I know that life can take us on a different path sometimes from what we might want and things change along the way. Now it’s 2015, is there a possibility that we might see some of these books this year please?? I really just need a nice thick book to read from you, that can carry me for a little while. Lol …Any who if I haven’t said it before I loved reading the Dark Facade series, A Little Bit of Sin and Also His Substitute Wife, My Sister. Your a wonderful writer. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may God continue to bless and keep you and your family. Hope to hear from you soon. :)……. Ps, sorry so long.

    1. I love the long post.. kept me up at work AMarie.
      Yes, I’m hoping to get those books up and ready in 2015. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with life and really trying to get my personal romance together. He’s actually pushing for me to write more. So I’ve had the time to actually think out what I’m doing. Along with that, I’ve had a personal eye on my writing. Meaning a reader at my job who can sit and read the stories. Now I just need an online assistant who can help me with my site.. The new beau wants to help me work on my site to make it run well and get more visitors. I’d love to have someone who can organize a street team or ask more posts to blogs. marketing and writing are a hard thing and i’ve had a lot of financial set backs that get pretty overwhelming and take the drive for writing away, but I’ll persevere and hope things in 2015 pick back up.

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