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About the book:

Skye Patterson – 24-year old entrepreneur trying to make her way in the world all by herself since she was orphaned at birth – finds herself the victim of a mind controlling substance. Moving to Detroit, was a big step emotionally, but she never thought it would be a big step mentally.

The mind controlling drugs invade her life enveloping her in a world she never thought she could experience and a love that was too good to be true with one of her clients, Thaddeus Newman, a powerful construction business owner. When she begins to experience the too real dreams she tries to convince herself they are not real, but as the dreams become more vivid, she delves deep into a world of pimps, businessmen, doctors, and murder, until she finds out what is really happening to her. With Thaddeus by her side, she is able to face her reality and conquer her fears.

Dreams of Reality touches on the new age drug, GHB in the revitalization ofMotown, where a woman tries to make it alone and finds that in order to survive she has to make her dreams of love, into dreams of reality.

Dreams of Realityhttp://www.amazon.com/Dreams-of-Reality-ebook/dp/B0058W09SS
Dreams of Realityby Sylvia HubbardPublished by HubBooks LiteraryOriginal Copyright 2000 (paperback) 2011 (ebook)Pages: 188 | File Size: 253 KBText To Speech Enable |


To see the book on Amazon, you can go to:http://www.amazon.com/Dreams-of-Reality-ebook/dp/B0058W09SS

To see a three chapter excerpt of the book, please click here: http://sylviahubbard.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/dreams-of-reality-excerpt1-3.pdf

Currently, it’s only available in the Amazon Select Program and for regular readers it’s Retail Price: $2.99

Recently, Dreams of Reality was listed in the Top 100 Amazon’s Multicultural Bestsellers List on December 13, 2011. It has already received 4 stars on Amazon.


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  1. Thanks for the free book offer but I am a fan of your work and have bought and read all your books, with the exception of the 3 password protected books. For the life of me, I cannot figure them out. Again, thanks for the offer.

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