Coming Soon… #TwoWaysToPleasure… #amwriting… Update on writing for #SylLit

Just hit the End on this baby and boy is my brain tired.


No synopsis is coming. Still gotta work on that…

For readers, Betrayed is being worked on, but I’m re-reading two other books to line the story up.

Emperor’s Heart is also getting finished to prepare to King’s Paradise and followed by Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart.

A lot of people asked me about Tanner’s Devil…

With Red Rose Publishing going out of business, I guess I’ll be pushing that out by myself by the end of this year.

Thank you guys so much for your patience in my literary endeavors and please if you could take time and let others know about my work, I would appreciate it.

Now back to writing… because Two Ways to Pleasure can always lead to Three Ways to Pleasure… 🙂

10 thoughts on “Coming Soon… #TwoWaysToPleasure… #amwriting… Update on writing for #SylLit

  1. Thank you for the update Ms. Sylvia. I don’t need a synopsis to know that this will be a GREAT page turner. Can’t wait till you let your fans get their hands on it. Good luck in your writing endeavors.

  2. Hey Sylvia,
    Can’t wait for Lethal’s story….keep up the good work

  3. Hi Ms. Sylvia,
    Know all your works will be fantastic. I can hardly wait, but I know I must.

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