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My book marketing experiment by spending $10 on

In January I mentioned I was checking out for some book marketing and asked if anyone else had done anything on there.

No one responded except to say they’ve used them for graphic designs. I’ve done that also, but I wanted to know if five dollars could be spent to get sales.

Other authors offlined me and asked if I would send them the results so this is just my experience with the whole thing…

Now if you don’t know what is here is my definition is a website where people can get someone to do almost anything LEGAL for five dollars. Services, tutorials, actions and so forth… click on this to find out more.

In January I decided to go on and find some marketing exposure. With it being the beginning of the year and lots to do and plan, I said hey, let’s see if someone else can talk about me for a couple of days.

Plus ten dollars wasn’t a lot to lose and I’d make it back from the Amazon links even if I only sold ten books.

I choose people who at least bragged about their 5K followers and looked one up and saw if you added up the Facebook, twitter and blog things, they really did have about that much. I also read recommendations from others and the two I choose seemed relatively customer pleasing from others.

So I paid the ten dollars for two different campaigns and let it go… (I have that Frozen song in my head so I had to throw it in there, sorry.)

I saw the sales coming in, but actually I had forgotten about the campaigns I had set up. I mean if I saw someone mention me, I was hip hipping hooraying and retweeting, but other than that, I was cool as a cucumber busy with the new year’s writing and marketing my books on my own when I could.

So when January’s Amazon royalties came in, I was like, lemme see what I did… right?

The campaign was the only thing I changed. Now I could equate that people were getting those new Kindle readers from Christmas as well, but actually I took in an extra $1000 from last years Kindle store.

It was a nice new year and I think I’d recommend to others looking for economical campaign strategies in order to get more sales on their books.

It’s just five dollars and you never know.

Set up was easy for each campaign and it made me learn how to put together a quick packet for other marketing promos for the future.

If you’re interested the two I used were:

And trust me if I had wasted money, I definitely would have said something. Matter of fact, I’m using them again this month and expanding what I want from them to see if that brings in more.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Please let me know if you’ve used and how was your experience as an author.

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