My book marketing experiment by spending $10 on

In January I mentioned I was checking out for some book marketing and asked if anyone else had done anything on there. No one responded except to say they've used them for graphic designs. I've done that also, but I wanted to know if five dollars could be spent to get sales. Other authors … Continue reading My book marketing experiment by spending $10 on

April Book Feature: Dreams of Reality #urban #romance #suspense #AmazonPrime

About This Book: Skye Patterson - 24-year old entrepreneur, trying to make her way in the world all by herself since she was orphaned at birth – finds herself the victim of a mind controlling substance. Moving to Detroit, was a big step emotionally, but she never thought it would be a big step mentally. … Continue reading April Book Feature: Dreams of Reality #urban #romance #suspense #AmazonPrime

Someone is Telling me a Story

Great blog! Thx u so much for the guest post.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Author Sylvia Hubbard Author Sylvia Hubbard

I met Author Sylvia Hubbard through Fabulosity Reads, and she has kindly offered to share a guest post here, regarding her writing.  So, here it is:

“When I teach how to write stories, I see a look in people’s eyes who haven’t started their story of confusion and awe.

People ask me how did you come up with that story?

I really can’t say I did.

Someone told me the story.

Now just in case you have no idea what the P.O.V. (point of view) is, let’s give you meaning. You can click here to understand more of P.O.V.

Most writers I’m reading and researching write in first person. I’ve never been a first person author.

I’ve learned over the years a lie can only be believed when the receiver hears about it as third person. Why do you think gossip is so contagious?

Whenever I’ve…

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Character Profile of Parker from His Substitute Wife . . . My Sister, by Sylvia Hubbard

Great character breakdown I wrote on Parker frm his substitute wife featured here.

Words, Words, Words

How 3 women can want one man? Meet Parker from His Substitute Wife… My Sister


Who is Parker? (Character Breakdown)

Originally Parker came from Love Like This. If you remember, he part owner in Nicole Black’s (main female protagonist) laundry business.
In most novels, I never really explore my male protagonist.

Other than William Stone, in Stone’s Revenge, the man just popped in the picture – handsome, self-sufficient and ready /not ready for love.

In Parker’s case, he was ready for love, but he looked in the wrong place and ended up with Chyna.

His past is filled with insecurities about his looks. Although Chyna was the wrong woman for him, she knew exactly what to do to clean him up. From his bad hair, bad teeth and bad skin, Chyna made Parker into a very handsome man. Of course pushing him in the gym got his body…

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“A Social Frenzy Blog Tour Stop for~ Author: Sylvia Hubbard And Her Book,”His Substitute Wife…My Sister” & Fabulosity Reads Book Tours”!

Honored for the feature! Great blog!

Cat Lyon's Reading and Writing Den

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My good friend “Wendy Ewurum” is at again with another *FABULOUS* Author Blog Tour! I’M HAPPY to WELCOME AUTHOR, “SYLVIA HUBBARD” and her fantastic book titled;
Here is a little more about Sylvia Hubbard & her book!….

“Blog Tour Stop for “His Substitute Wife…my sister”

Sylvia Hubbard

Detroit native, Sylvia Hubbard, a single mother of three, has worked tirelessly to promote and encourage emerging writers in Michigan. She independently published her first romance novel in 2000 and has continued to write in that genre, sometimes venturing into other subgenres. Always urban and contemporary styled, her writing is enjoyed all over the world.

She has published 4 paperbacks and over 10 e-books. The same year she published, Ms Hubbard also created Motown Writers Network to fill the lack…

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You are cordially invited to Love, Romance & Intrigue…BOOK LAUNCH in #Detroit June 21, 2014 #book #event #networking #motownlit

Click here to RSVP or add to your calender. Click here to RSVP or add to your calender. On June 21, 2014, Detroit Author, Sylvia Hubbard, invites the literary community (readers, writers, authors and poets) to a Litertainment Event. 12-1 - Meet & Greet 1:15-1:30 - Intro & Welcome - Sylvia 1:30-1:50 - Omari "King … Continue reading You are cordially invited to Love, Romance & Intrigue…BOOK LAUNCH in #Detroit June 21, 2014 #book #event #networking #motownlit