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Now Available #Betrayed Book One Part FOUR (City Boys) #Smashwords @AmazonKindle & coming Soon @nookBN

The wait is over and I deeply thank you for your patience.


Jordyn and Jackson are back and going through their rollercoaster wild ride that has new twists and turns in Betrayed Series. If you haven’t picked up previous books, please click on this link (Amazon & Smashwords) and catch up!

This is the fourth installment of The City Boys Series of Betrayed Book One. An urban romance suspense where revenge is a dish best served cold.

In Betrayed Book One Part Four (City Boys Series) Jordyn has made the decision that she cannot under ANY circumstances see Jackson anymore, but unfortunately her body has not gotten the message. Leaving him was the hardest thing to do, but she knows her revenge must come first and she must keep a cold heart in order to pull off a successful con.

Now the con not only hinges on success, but on the lives of her family. Devereaux’s back deals to keep his company afloat as brought in a player she never wanted involved.

She needs to keep it together, keep her head on straight and her heart of of this matter, yet Jackson is determined for them to be together and in the end, she must deceive him as well!

The revenge better be worth the pain of loneliness she has doomed herself too.

(At the time of posting Amazon was still processing the book but that link should eventually let you see book four when it’s available or do a search for “Betrayed city boys Sylvia Hubbard)


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