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#Betrayed Book One Part Two download links, Author’s Update & upcoming #Betrayed Book One Part Three… waiting on cover… #amwriting #amreading

Well hello there and how do you do, #SneakReaders!

I’ve been quiet and busy as you can see.

I want to thank you all for your patience and I’ll be going back to the last Betrayed post to see what’s going on in the comment section.

I want to thank you guys for giving me the heads up on the story. Your comments do help and I love love love you guys leaving reviews everywhere.

That was extra awesome and has helped me build a better story.

Jordyn is in some much or as I’ve geared the story to be The Cobra Effect.

I decided that I’m going to make all the City Boys Series part of an unintended consequence story. It’s better than using fairy tales or the same old, same ole you guys are getting use to.

I’m story telling out of the box.

I discovered this when I was studying psychological conditions for another book and I just couldn’t get them out of my mind.

What if a woman thought she could do something but everything she did made her situation worse?

That’s going to be Jordyn’s story.

So yes, it gets worse.

If you’re interested in downloading Book Two, you can get it on Amazon and Smashwords. I’m not sure if it’s on any other devices, but if you see it there, please don’t hesitate to return here and post the links in the comments.

Currently working on Book Three’s cover to post by Wednesday hopefully. thank you all for your patience and I’ll talk to you then.

Oh by the way, Part Three will introduce a new character in my books, but she’s related to a past character. I won’t tell you who… but I’ll tell you the book and you figure out how she’s related once you read Part Three… William Stone. Remember him? He might make an appearance… with Abigail…

Don’t forget to get Betrayed: Book One Part Two

 Amazon and Smashwords

Off to more writing…

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