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Author’s Update: #Betrayal #CityBoys…. Jan 19th release… #amwriting #livestory #amreading

For the new people an author’s update is better than an author’s note.

An Author’s Update means progress. And boy have I been progressing.

It’s been a busy week at my house alone. No heat, no water and then no heat again and then no water again. I’ve come to appreciate the rubber tubs and even have gone so far as to warming up water and sitting my butt in one to take a bath when our pipes busted over three times in our temporary house.

We hope to have our new house soon. I have my sweat equity to go and then I gotta pay off my bills.

And here’s where you come in.

Yes, I need more readers, more eyes on my work and more help getting the word out (meaning reviews.) Use the social buttons below to help out! Thanks in advance.

Update on Betrayed.

I’ve been looking at this book everyday, thinking about this book every minute of the day and wanting to type on the book every second of the day.

Using a Chrome book has been different in regards I can get my work online faster, but formatting the book so I can get it past those #Smashwords monsters is a little tricky. Still I perservere for my readers and I have completed Book Two… A week after I promised but still I’ve done it!

Thank you for your patience.

One to Part Three.

Oh by the way, here’s the cover to Book One – Part Two…


Haven’t read Book One – Part Two?

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