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I’ve been off the horse for a long while.

A very long while and I know you guys have been clamouring for a live story.

This one’s a little different delivery though.

Instead of delivery it straight on the site, I’m going to deliver it in pieces.

Now you can wait for each piece ot be delivered or read as each one is published.

Here’s the first piece:


A City Boys Series

by Sylva Hubbard

Jordyn finds out her past isn’t the truth and that she’s been living a lie. Doing the only thing that will keep her sanity, she leaves her family and strikes out on her own, trying to live an honest life.

Yet, when her family seeks revenge and she is joined in the fight to get it, she finds, sometimes one has to leave the past where it should stay – buried.

As more and more secrets come to light, Jordyn is sucked back into her old world, where getting everything means losing everything.

Note From Author:

This book is a live book. Meaning, it’s written and released. Editing is a dry run and mostly you’re getting the story itself. Each release will be .99 cents and will contain at least 10,000 words, except the first part which is free. That’s just to get you hooked.

The Cytee Boys is a family of men who work on the bad side of the law, but only for the money and is a preliminary book for King’s Paradise and Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart. There will also be a character named Bishop James who will be introduced in my first teen book coming out way later than anything else but that’s another story.

I will tell you now, no Nevada is not getting with Kansas Cytee because I know that’s going to be asked.

Any discussion questions can be asked at my blog, http://sylviahubbard.com/blog. There will be post for each part. Answer your questions about the story on any post with the name of the book please. That helps me and also helps other readers who might be asking the same question.

Each “Book” consist of a different sibling story, but each part to the books will consist of several chapter of that book.

The key to understand the orders of each book, will be watching for each “part.” I might get lazy and write B1-P3, which means book one, part three. As always I’ll be open for content and I hope to open up 2014 as a year where I’ll get a lot more writing done.

2013 was a rough year for me and I want to thank all my Sneaker Readers for their support for all my literary endeavors. You guys were promoting me even when I was too mentally exhausted to promote myself.

I really appreciate and love the fact that you did this for me.


And now the question is asked, when is the next book coming out.

I’m going to produce a part every week. (Unless life gets in the way and we should be done by February or March.)

Like I said, the first part is free. The ones after that will be .99 cents. I’ll make them thick enough to make it worth your dollar.

Thank you in advance for your support.

You can subscribe to this post below after making a comment or you can make sure you are subscribed to this website because a post will be released about the book.

Oh, btw, can you tell me if you like the cover? It’s only a temp cover so I didn’t want to just… well, just tell me what you think. (biting my lip in nervousness.)



16 thoughts on “#WIP #LiveStory coming January 2014. Subscribe for updates, share, retweet and enjoy… #Betrayed #CityBoysSeries #amreading

  1. I am super excited and happy for you. I can’t wait for this live series to begin. I’ve been craving for a new read from you. You won’t have to worry about me asking who Nevada is spoken for because I know its Mandingo. LOL. I’m not crazy about the cover, it doesn’t scream out Betrayed to me. I don’t know if the dark imaged girl is who does the betraying or more the one person. It can be worked on a little more & how the word betrayed is positioned can be fixed. I can’t wait. I wish you all the best! You know you have my support, I’ll definitely promote this…

    1. I’m thinking of Smashwords and Amazon. The free preview will post on site January 1st. (that’s what I’ve scheduled the release to be.)

      It will only have chapter one as the free preview.

      And … I’m thinking while I’m typing…

      After that, I could make it available in the parts on each site. It;s a lot more work for me and with Amazon standards, each part would have to be 20K min word count and not under so they won’t say it’s too short.

      Meaning the parts would take longer to publish each time, but then the story would be good for you guys. Just a lot of work on my part.

      I’ll figure it out as I always do Sherray.

      Your thoughts?

  2. BTW, I have put a word counter to the top right of the page (right under the navigation) so you guys can visit any time here and just look at the counter to see if I’ve progressed. Each time the counter gets close to 20K, 40K or 50k, that means another part is scheduled to be published soon.

  3. (Hands are rubbing together). I can’t wait till this comes out. I am a life long reader and hooked on all of the series. This should not disappoint your beloved readers Sylvia. Good luck in 2014 with any and everything that you do.

  4. Well whatever you decide you know I’m always on bord …love your work syliva

  5. Hi Ms. Sylvia,

    You know I am a loyal supporter of your works. Sorry it took so long to respond to the newsletter, but I have been under the weather a bit and just started feeling better. I love the intro to this story, and can’t wait until the new year to start reading it. I now it is going to be good just like your other novels. You always give the readers twist and turns that leave them wanting more. I want to wish you and yours a safe, blessed, prosperous, and Happy New Year.

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