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Author’s Note:

This was my baby.

A lot of readers don’t know that.

This was the first book I took a step out on faith and idependently published from the beginning.

I was so scared because I’d written this book when I was only seventeen years old.

William came to me in the night, just like he did with Abigail and I was scared. Just like Abigail.

But I knew only one cure for what he had and I wanted to help him.

I think I did without losing one ounce of the true William Readers have grown to love through his darkness.

And he is dark and scary.

Seeing the world through William’s eyes is terrifying. All the deadly thoughts that go through his mind and the insanity that lies just on the borderline behind his “smirk.”

Then I think about how Abigial makes him feel.

And for one brief secone, William feels “normal.”

I love him. I love what Abigial does for him.

This was a great story to write.

My reviews in the beginning, when I first published weren’t that nice though.

People hated me. Thought I was a horrible person for “killing” people.

I hid this book away a lot of times because of those people.

Yet, now, after my long years of writing more “killing” I said, hey, let William Stone shine.

So here he is. For you to be scared of, to love and enjoy, just as much as I did.

William will always be my first… my first character I loved.

Stone’s Revenge was the story I wrote where I really and truly found my voice.

Now I will warn you, this book is not for the faint of hearts, so don’t go looking for any lovey dovey stuff. William is rough around the edges and I don’t let love take that away, but he shows himself in “other ways.” You’ll have to read to see.


P.S. Yes, he’s coming back in a book with Lethal and the Bellinis.


Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General

By Sylvia Hubbard
$2.99 Rating:
(4.00 based on 4 reviews)
Published: Jan. 23, 2011
Words: 107,020 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452410098

Extended description

There is a copycat killer in Davenport and William is the number one suspect. William is the son of a serial killer; Therefore William’s nemesis, prosecuting attorney Ramsey McPherson feels the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Ramsey makes it his number one mission to put William behind bars. William vows revenge against Ramsey with every intention to hurt what Ramsey holds dear in his life and that is the prosecuting attorney’s daughter Abigail, who thinks someone is trying to frame William. Abigail and William fall in love and they keep their love affair a secret from Ramsey. Yet with a murder so gruesome happening on a night when Abigail and William are together, Abigail is forced to choose between not telling where William was or revealing to her father that she is truly in love with William. Only question remains : Who’s the real killer?

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Recent Reviews

OMG, December 3, 2013

Royal Oasis
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Stone’s Revenge (Kindle Edition)

I stayed up all night reading this book. It is now 5:30 am and I am writing this review. This book was crazy in a good way. It was drama, suspense, hatred, murder, insanity, Unfaithfulness, and much more. Things are not always like it seems. MUST READ!!


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