How @WordPressDotCom Helps An Author Sell Books

Four months ago the Detroit WordPress Meetup Group asked me to speak and today it came into fruition.


Talking about my website to others was like inviting people into my home and hoping I cleaned up for company.

I had a great time and I was shocked people showed up to hear me speak.

I don’t profess to be a WordPress expert, but the change over to WordPress from all my other sites was a positive impact into raising awareness about my writings.

And that’s always nice for me.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and I was even asked to repeat the performance for another time from some contacts in Ohio.

So I guess that means I did well! Yah me!!

I really do hope to do this workshop again. I might even add stats and stuff.

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One thought on “How @WordPressDotCom Helps An Author Sell Books

  1. Good for you syliva I’m so happy that thing are going good for you keep up te good work ….

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