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I’ve listened to your voices sense and changed the cover. Yes, it’s not as pretty, but…  It’s darker, but this is an intermittent book between the bigger books (King’s Paradise & Stealing Innocence III:Lethal Heart)

Plus, it better represents the female character shade. Yes, you were right. I’m not afraid to admit I was wrong and thank you so much for the correction.

This book is more for the readers than for anything. The ones that have been following the Heart family and need to know…

What happens next?

It’s only available for pre-order through Smashwords and Barnes and Nobles. I haven’t seen it distributed anywhere else yet.

(If you see it in your eBook store, please put the link in the comments.)

I just uploaded the cover so give it a chance to cycle through to all channels.

I honestly know a lot of readers won’t grasp Emperor’s Addiction until they’ve at least read SOME of the Heart of Detroit Series, which is why I’ve connected this book to them.

So if you try not to get confused here’s the scenario:

Emperor’s Addiction will be broken up into two books. The second will be called Emperor’s Heart.

Emperor’s Addiction and Emperor’s Heart will be a part of the Heart of Detroit Series. A line of books that consist of some of The Heart of Detroit Cousins:

Currently the line has: 

Diamonds in The Rough
Silent Lynx
Cabin Fever


READY TO PRE-ORDER? (see below for more information)

Emperor’s Addiction: Heart of Detroit Series

By Sylvia Hubbard
$1.99 Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Oct. 02, 2013
Words: 43,970 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

Promises broken, lines crossed, morals forgotten… Book One in the life of the notorious Emperor Heart.

Extended description

Despite his family, Emperor Heart considers himself one of the most normal Hearts, even though he has four problems:

1) He has a sex addiction

2) He’s addiction assuages the constant pain in his back from an old injury. Despite his family, Emperor Heart considers himself one of the most normal Hearts, even though he has four problems:

1) He has a sex addiction

2) He’s addiction assuages the constant pain in his back from an old injury

3) After catching his teenage daughter in a hotel with a boy, he promises her to stay celibate as long as she stays celibate.

4) He was doing fine until he meets his daughter’s mysterious friend and his libido runs a muck.

What’s a man to do, when his daughter’s friend shows up at his place alone and all he has is a towel to cover himself?

Yet, just as his lust grows uncontrollable and he tries to look but don’t touch, he can’t help feeling her life is in jeopardy and the more he acts upon his burgeoning desire, the more he may be endangering her life.

Book One into Emperor Heart’s delves into the lives of a family where their love, could be murder.

Available ebook reading formats

Pre-release—this book will be available for purchase October 2, 2013

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Now the question I get asked the most, will this be available for Amazon?

Yes, but not until Oct 2nd. They won’t let me set up pre-order. You could complain, but I wouldn’t know to whom. LOL

By the way, Cabin Fever is associated w/Secrets, Lies & family Ties, which will be available free at from Sept 25th to 28th. Download and share!

26 thoughts on “New cover for #EmperorsAddiction & other updates for #HeartOfDetroit #sneakreaders

  1. Ooh this really nice. Job well done. Lol. I love the new cover. I think it’s kind of what we were thinking and looking for. Atleast i was. 🙂 It’s sexy and mysterious. I’m excited to start this serious I know it’s going to be great. Take ur time, keep up the great reads and be blessed Mrs Hubbard. 🙂

  2. Hi Ms. Sylvia,

    Now, that is the Ms. Sylvia I know. Just looking at the cover makes me want to jump right in and start reading. I love, love, love what you did to the new cover. Just looking at it, I can imagine all kinds of things. After reading the synopsis, I know I want to read it. I read a little of it when you had it on your site, and I was hooked than. I love your novels and can’t wait for this journey to continue. Congrats to you Ms. Sylvia, your silver lining is here.

  3. I Love this cover. MUCH BETTER then the previous draft. These colors blend better & the yellow pops off the page. (Red would be a bit more seductive in the words or the the picture). This picture really represents an addiction for many & is alluring. I love it. Just bring that addiction out a bit more highlighting that picture in some way if possible. Look at it makes me want to read. I know the story behind it will be even better.

    1. A lining in silver with the black & red writing may work too. If you’re done this will work. Its more to what I’ve envisioned instead of that green & yellow.

      1. Oh My it gets even steamier. I LOVE HOW YOU THINK GURL. My mouth is watering for MORE. Oct. 2nd can’t come fast enough. Great job with the sample. YOU ARE MY ADDICTION Ms. Hubbard. Love ya girl. ♥

        P.S. You know I’ve got your back with the next cover. 🙂

  4. I love this cover and I will be pre-ordering my copy Friday!!!! (All Smiles Over Here)…

  5. AMAZING JOB ON THE COVER!!! I didn’t know I could pre-order the book , SO im heading to smashwords right after this. I didn’t want to read the sample though. I knew it would be just a tease. lol I am sooooo excited i love the heart family. Onyx is still my favorite and I can’t wait till she finds herself a man! lol

  6. I so LOVE this new cover, this look like a Sylvia Hubbard book now. I can’t wait for the book to download on Oct. 2nd, I can’t read anymore teaser lol. Look like you got your Mojo back.

  7. I just finished the first part of emperor’s addiction…. love it (also every other book I can get my hands on) waiting patiently for emperor’s heart…SI 3 and anything else you been written..

    Good job Ms. Hubbard

  8. When will Emperors Heart be released? I don’t think I can stand the wait!!

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