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Reader Question: When will #DarkFacade Be available on Nook and Apple? #amwreading #amwriting cc: @tenitajohnson

In June, I release the last book of the Dark Facade Series.

I only posted the book at Amazon. Not really for sales intent, but because this was a live story and really didn’t have all the edits done.

It wasn’t polished. And the adacious comments I received in my reviews were that horrible enough for me to not post it anywhere else.

I sent it to an editor. @TenitaJohnson @

She’s working on it.

Hopefully we’ll have it done by the end of August and I’ll come out with the paperback version and the revised ebook edition with an upload to other ebook stores.

I’d also like to thank @keithdyoung for his assistance with the fourth books’ cover and the final paperback cover as well.

For my readers: Thanks for your patience and please take a moment, if you haven’t to do a review on Amazon or share the initial series with a reader.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t even started the series:

click here for amazon    click here for smashwords

If you’d like to featue your review or the book or myself on your blog or have it featured on a friend’s blog, please let me know.

I really really don’t mind.

If you’re wondering what I’m working on…

Two words…

Emperor’s Addiction

The Hearts are a hot mess… And That’s all I have to say about that.

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