Now that you’ve read the series, do a review: #DarkFacade #SneakReaders

Dark-Facade-Ad-BannerWith any book an author writes, book reviews are important.


Bad or good, I need to hear what you think.

I love feedback.

I crave feedback.

I need feedback.

So please, go ahead and leave a comment about the book where you bought the book at.


Thanks so much in advance.

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13 thoughts on “Now that you’ve read the series, do a review: #DarkFacade #SneakReaders

  1. What can I say wonderful. The book kept me on edge I waited until you finished Book 4 to start reading and it took took me a day to all four books. I could not put it down it was so good.

  2. I enjoyed the book. It was worth the wait, and I will do my review today.

  3. Here is what I posted on Amazon:
    Sylvia Hubbard does it again, the queen of suspense. Book 4 is a page turner & compliments the previous 3 books. It will have you sitting on the edge of your seat anticipating what will happen NEXT! GREAT JOB, Way to go Sylvia! Kudos to you on yet another great book! It was well worth the wait! Can’t wait for book 5…

  4. That’s the Longest it ever took for me to finish your books. I didn’t want the story to end… It was killing me to not rush to get to the end because it was so good, but I had to make it last. LOL. GREAT JOB! I was expecting a little more from Gerald with the set up you gave. I begin to think he was the actual “Husband/ Baby/ Murderer” of Lisa & the Stuff was about to hit that fan. Oh wait, don’t let me get ahead of myself.. Is there a book 5? Maxine, just may discover who the father is when she goes for custody (if it is in fact Gerald) since she never met him… What are your thoughts or input on that?

  5. Love you book but expected more. It seems like it was rushed a little and you had to make everything come together to end the book.

  6. From start to finish, I loved all four books!!!!!!! Took me one day to read book four. I couldn’t put it down. Sylvia girl what is going to be your next story????? I can’t wait until your mind comes up with the next tantalizing story. I hope all us well with you and your family.

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