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What you’ve been waiting for: #Dark Facade! Book 4: The End To Darkness Share, Review #SneakReaders #SylLit

SavedPicture-201361773057.jpgThe Long awaited finale to the Dark Facade is here.


Other versions of the book won’t be available until after August. I have to get it through the #Smashwords monster and that’s going to take some reformatting.

Here the author’s note inside of the book:

Yes, finally it’s here. The last book. If you’re new to this experience and been waiting to make a comment about the book until you read the ending, then after you finish reading this please make a review where you purchased the book at and then tell a friend.

This was a new experience for me. I’ve done live writing since 2005, but never like this where instead of releasing parts of chapters all day, I released larger parts in books. I also never expected my house to burn down and my whole life to burn down with it.

Keeping my sanity together at the end of March was so difficult, I had to lay everything down, including my writing to keep from having a nervous breakdown.

If you’ve visited my website and been a fan of my work for years or even just months, you know what I’ve been personally dealing with and losing my writing mojo was a major thing for me.

Eight years shy of fifty, losing the thing that has kept your passion for life alive is a bummer.

That’s really all I can say. I feel in this empty deep black hole that I couldn’t get out of. But I want to say I appreciate all my fans and readers support in my darkest days.

Even when they just came by my website and just said Hey gurl, I was thinking about you.

WARNING: For all you die hard readers that have been reading the series and want only perfection, you’re reading the wrong thing. I’m not perfect and neither is my work, but I write a good story. This is like a live book, which means it’s only had a once over by the author.

Thank you in advance for supporting my literary endeavors.

Now sit back and enjoy … Dark Façade… Book Four: the End to Darkness


Dark Facade (Book Four)

Fiction » Erotica » Suspense/Mystery
Fiction » Romance » Contemporary

By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: June 20, 2013
Words: 40,764 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

The End To Darkness… In Book Four, the last of the saga, With nowhere else to go, Maxine realizes she has to return to the “chamber” one… last… time… But her last time may be the end… for her.

Extended description

The End to Darkness is Book Four in the saga of Dark Facade.

Maxine thought all she needed to do was return to the chamber to find the answers and to really know if Philippe was involved in her best friends’ disappearance.

As her time grows closer to a promise to leave, Maxine feels danger around every turn and must pray she has the strength to live when the time comes.

Yet, with all the hardships she has suffered and losing so many she have loved, will Maxine be able to fight for her life or surrender to the darkness never to be seen from again.

Available ebook reading formats

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Now if you have already read all four, please take a moment and review the book and share the page.

Other things you could do to help me out is feature me on your blog (or the book). I even do author interviews. I’ll use this post to answer any of your reading questions about the book so post away.

You also have my permission to share this blog post or if you have wordpress blog, repost this on your blog. That would be cool.

I you want to know what I’m working on next?

I’m deciding between Eve’s Deception or A Little Bit Of Sin.


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