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The End To Darkness… #darkfacade New cover frm @keithdyoung

Getting the cover for this last book has been my hardest struggle with the forth book.

With my initial cover designer going MIA, i had no one to turn to with funds going low. It started to really affect my writing mojo which i was barely holding on to after the catastrophe my family had suffered through earlier this year.

I hate asking for favors or handouts. I hate even using my influence to get something, but i was desperate and i knew a couple of cover designers but didn’t know of their creative vision I could just trust with this important baby.

That is until i was at the end of my rope and. Sanity that i turned it over to Keith D Young.

I had seen his animations and designs on other projects but I’d never him seen him do any work on genre like mine.

My original concept was just a man on the cover.

The MIA cover designer had experimented with it where his eyes would be turquoise but the rest was in black and white.

I loved the possible dangerous and unique cover but I needed this cover to connect to the first and when Keith came on the project he brought it to the surface. The cover he presented took my breath away.

For the first time in a long time I smiled. It felt good to have this. I was relieved.

And the book four cover for Dark Facade was done… Finally.

So coming soon….

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