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#DarkFacade Book 4 Coming soon | Updates & Partial Book Cover Reveal #Sneakreaders #amreading #amwriting

Life as we know it for me has been a bit difficult.


Not only am I struggling to get into a house because currently my family and I are homeless (but staying with my father, which is a tale in itself), I’m also going through the gambit with men and my writing life. I’ve also started a new job that’s consuming all mental activities and making me really exhausted once I get home.

I’m suppose to be finishing up the edits to His Substitute Wife, but I had to put it down to get the house done. On top of that, I need to finish off Dark Facade Book Four.

I just need to work out the last part. I figured out who killed Lisa and I’ve pretty much wrapped up how I’m going to use Onyx, while slipping in a little bit more about what’s going on in her life – you know with Blaque & Shadow.

(Currently listening to The Tourist with Johnny Depp and I keep typing their lines.)

Also I’m working with @paytonleaf on the final book cover for Dark Facade.

Coming up with a fresh and final book concept to tie all the other books together is very difficult.

I really had planned on book three being the final and leaving it at that, but so much story line had to be put in book four so this is all new.

For this book cover, I thought to concentrate on the rugged Philippe. I hardly have men on my cover and I wanted to do something just a little bit different.

partial book cover for #DarkFacade Book 4

I’m going to incorporate some elements from book one and three into this one and go from there. Wish me luck and thank you for your patience.

Now that I’m 80% moved into my home – kids still need beds and I have other things around the house that need to be worked on (a roof, a basement, a kitchen and so forth) I think I can sit down enough to hack out all the notes I’ve made on scrapes of paper, on my phone and @Evernote (my most favorite app for writers in the world).

Next post will be by this Thursday when I’ll have an excerpt of the book available for you – my loyal #SneakReaders.

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