AUTHOR’S NOTE: Writing a series… pressure, pleasure and pain #DarkFacade READERS QUESTIONS #amreading #amwriting

I’ve been studying the market for a long while and I wanted to do something just a little different with my stories.

darkfacadeBook1-smallerNow I usually do live books on the website, but I wanted to try to make some type of money in doing this and decided with the market of readers liking “Series” of books, I saw breaking up large books into smaller books and going from there.

I decided Dark Facade would be an easy way to get the books as a series and also interest new readers into what I write.

This book doesn’t have a lot of characters that appear in other books and it’s a standalone story not many have heard about.

Although a complicated plot – very dark and seedy – it gives readers old and new something different. An off the beaten path for me, yet sensual enough for me to really dig deep in give my readers something I think they will enjoy.

I’ve never been a writer for the readers. I’ve been more of what’s going to make me keep writing and seeing something I haven’t seen in other type of books that would be interesting to try to work out.

My goal for writing a story is to make the sinful look good and to make the unbelievable believable.

I think that’s why I get a lot of “I can’t believe this?!” kind of reviews on my books.

But I don’t dwell on this.

I do like when #SneakReaders go and say “If you want something different, you MUST try Sylvia’s books.”

Because I think I do create something that you would never imagine with characters you can’t help but love – even if you love to hate.

In Dark Facade, I introduce readers to Maxine.

Now if you haven’t read the story, here’s some background without the spoilers:

She’s a loner, like almost all my characters. She likes to keep to herself and finds her only life in work. Until her close co-worker comes up missing. Maxine delves into her co-worker’s life to find that the woman might be part of a secret society in the seedy underground of Detroit.

Maxine joins and that’s when it gets interesting for her.

I won’t tell the whole story. That would defeat the point of you buying the book and seeing what happens.

I’m not trying to get into the Fifty Shades of anything, trust me.

I actually wrote the book in 2007 and just now dusted it off to see if Readers could take this side of me.

What side is “the dark side”?

The dark side I would say. The side that says just what if there were men out there that liked to treat women like crap and there were women out there who didn’t mind being treated like crap… for the right price.

The Pressure

Keeping it good. Since I originally wrote the story in 2007, I basically have a first draft I have to go through and piece it out add the extra story line I created and also go into a little bit more details in other matters I had quickly punched out. darkfacade2Bigger

How deep should I go down the rabbit hole? i don’t want to disgust you, but I want to remain true to all the characters. In book two, everything took a big turn when you saw a lot more of the dark side of the life inside the Masquerade and then you saw a horrible side of Philippe along with Maxine getting a backbone at the wrong time.

I was tempted to take the scene out between her and Devon. I knew this crossed the line, but I decided to keep it in because I wanted to be true to the story.

The Pleasure

I am having so much fun hearing the feedback (That’s why you need to stop reading right now and go to Amazon or wherever you bought the book and leave a review. DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE A REVIEW ON GOODREADS TOO!)

The pleasure of the journey to create a serial book for my readers was terrifying at first, but now that I’ve bounced out book two and working on book three, I’m getting more and more excited.

The Pain

FINISHING! Getting the time between getting a new house together, keeping my sanity as I go through a horrible time in my life and also geting the energy to be creative and work at this project has been mentally, emothionally and spiritually stressful.

(That’s why you need to make me happy and leave a review of the book somewhere and then tell five friends they need to download their own copy too)

Someone did ask me was I going to put this into paperback.

One painful step at a time.

It’s been a little less painful as Smashwords is getting my books into premium distribution very fast.

The second book I put up was approved for premium in less than a day and a half. That was pretty fast. I usually don’t see it being done for about two weeks.

(Please let me know if you see the books in other books stores such as Barnes and Nobles, Diesel, Sony and iTunes. One reader reported book one was there, but I haven’t heard news on Book two yet.)


Would I recommend other writers jump into doing series?

Yes, but not as a first book.

I would say get some books under your belt and then start doing a series.

I relegate this experience to writing a soap opera.

  • You have to stay on schedule.
  • You have to communicate to the readers what’s in your head, if you are going to be on schedule, if you are having a tough time and just making them apart of the process.
  • You have to leave cliffhangers that MUST be answered soon in the next book or by the end of the book
  • You have to talk about it and make sure all the other books connected to the series are easy to find
  • You have to make sure you stay true to the characters
  • You have to give the readers an ending.

I wouldn’t suggest any more than four books in the series, unless each book is a standalone book. Meaning the characters relate to each other but each book could be read without reading a previous book.

Dark Facade is my only series currently where YOU MUST start at book one before getting into book two or three (coming soon).

Would I do this again?

Yes, I actually do have plans to do this with A LITTLE BIT OF SIN  (three books), EMPORER’S ADDICTION (three books) and EVE’S DECEPTION (two books).

I’d love to answer any more questions regarding the #DarkFacade books and I’d love to hear your comments – good and bad – in the comments below.






Dark Facade (Book Two)    by Sylvia Hubbard
Price: $1.49 USD. 21420 words. Published on February 14, 2013. Fiction. 

     (5.00 from 1 review) 
When The Dark Comes… As the saga continues, Maxine infiltrates The Masquerade, an underground secret society of wealthy men who believe money can buy everything, including treating women however they please.
Dark Facade (Book One)    by Sylvia Hubbard
Price: $0.99 USD. 24510 words. Published on January 30, 2013. Fiction. 

     (5.00 from 1 review) 
Maxine, an AA graphic designer who has no life, realizes that her best friend and coworker disappeared the day after telling Maxine she was going out on a hot date with a man she met on the Internet. Now it’s up to Maxine to find out what happened to Lisa and who was this mysterious man, who emailed his picture to her friend that Maxine just can’t stop thinking about.

71 thoughts on “AUTHOR’S NOTE: Writing a series… pressure, pleasure and pain #DarkFacade READERS QUESTIONS #amreading #amwriting

  1. I love that you are doing the series thing. I’ve always viewed most of your books as a nevee ending series because of the familiar characters that pop up from previous stories. Each going a little more in depth with a character. Having a series is also a great way to generate more money & up the price a bit because the reader is already hooked left wanting more. The longer the book the higher the price. Do what you must because my money will be waiting. Many of your stories can easily sale for $5 & that isn’t too much. Patientlywaiting for book three. Take your time because I know it will be well worth the wait!:-D

    1. working on book three as we speak.

      Maxine’s trying to decide what to do next…

      Kinda stuck… should she call the police? And what should she say if she did… sigh…

      1. That’s a tough one. She was raped by Devon so she should call the police, but Sheriff Heart will tell her he told her to stay out of it. Although she gave consent to be there did she give consent to be violated? She said no! No means no! Even if the police got involved there are judges part of the secret society that can make it all go away with no true justice for her. She can consider it but opt for a better method of payback in justice. That’s where your wonderful creativitycan come into play figuring a better form of payback… Hope that helps unstick you & get your creative juices flowing. 😀

      2. Some readers will scream at Maxine if she didn’t at least consider notifying the police even if she doesn’t go through with it. She will need help to break Lisa free from Devon’s grip… but who? Possibly Philippe can have more than one slave. He can afford it.

  2. Hmmmmm a trio, that would be interesting. There’s usually two guys like Jerome & Tyrone, or Andrew & Paul but I can’t recall two women & I guy. They can’t deny him… that’s really taking it over the edge. Lol

      1. Thank you Ms. Hubbard. I have on my Sylvia Hubbard thinking cap, lol. GREAT minds think alike :-).

    1. I like the way you are thinking to 1sdunn. This should be gooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the out come.

      1. Thank you, I can’t wait to see the outcome either. I know it will be “GRRRRRRRREAT”! (In my Tony the Tiger voice, lol). Im holding on to my seat cuz I know Sylvia may through in everything but the kitchen sink in on this one. Take you time Sylvia we’re not rushing you. 🙂

      2. Great convo ladies… I’m so excited!!! (Now, acting like a child bouncing up and down in my chair, clapping my hands. lol)

  3. Hi Ms. Sylvia,
    I like that you are trying a series also. Like 1sdunn, I have always viewed your novels as sort of a series because they interlink characters. I am glad to see that you are taking a different turn with this series and taking us, the readers, with you. The road you are taking on the dark side seems to be a bummpy one, but, from what I have read, it also promises to be a good ride. I am not worried about you being stuck because I know it is just for the minute. You promise us great and you always deliver excellent. You put so much action and excitment in the story which keeps the reader coming back even if they don’t want to. You really make the readers(me) put their thinking caps on. Keep this one going as long as possible becacuse like 1sdunn, my money will be waiting. If you stop this one, start another one. You are an excellent author and we, the readers, are behind you.

    Your loyal fan,

    1. Well said Stephanie, it always keeps me coming back for more & spreading the word. Its something I just can’t keep to myself because i get so much enjoyment from reading Sylvia’s writings. Someone once said all her books are the same… NOT! Although there are many similarities with characters the plot, twist & turns differ making an exciting read. Dark Facade is unlike any other book & has me on edge waiting to see what will happen next & I’m LOVING IT!

      1. i think they made the comment during the time I was writing a lot and ging through stages. I had twin stages, trio stages, one kind of character stages, multiple personality stages and the books would tak on different plots but the same type of characters in the ifferent stories. from that I took those books and republished them with more differences in them but they had read them rom the beggining (first drraft) and that kind of stuck with them.

      2. Ms. Sylvia,
        When I read the first live story of yours, and I think it was Deceptive Nights or Mistaken Identity: Tres Armor, I was hooked. I had never read books written so intensely. I started searching the webb for everything tha you had published. I, for one, am glad that you do the writing that you do. You engage your readers and you give them what they like,as well as, write wha you feel. I like authors that gives my mind a challenge, make me ask myself what will happen next, and what would I do if I was in that same situation. I loved the twin, trio, and one kind of character stages. I even had my sister and friends combing you site for your work. It is good to move in different directions, but I love the old ones too. Remember we still love hearing about the Hearts and all their friends.

        Your loyal fan,

      3. I wonder who???????????????? I can think of two that would fit well in this story, but I don’t want to spoil that surprise. I’ll just wait to see if the person or persons I am thinking about is the same you have in mind. See how you keep the reader’s mind going. I like that!!!!!!!

        Your loyal fan,

      4. I love Spoilers that make my mouth water more. Like Stephanie I don’t want tl spoil it completely but a hint would be great. We already encountered Sheriff Heart so is it a sibling or cousin of his. If its a cousin is it Nevers Danger’s Child? Which reminds me I still have that family tree to work on to keep up with them all. I have been deemed “Heart Specialist.” Lol

      5. 1sdunn, I really would like to see that family tree when you finish it. I know I have read alot of the Heart books, but I don’t think that I have put all the family members together. The people I am thinking about, if they would ever work together, would give Devon some kicka** trouble he would not be able to handle.

      6. I’ll definitely get to work on it soon. & post a list of who’who so u can let me know if I’ve missed any.

  4. Sylvia you tend to tap into plots that other writers and readers deem as off limits. Which makes you an exceptional author, regardless, you write what is in you heart and mind.

    I think Maxine should contact Sheriff, and getting a gest of his temperment because she didn’t follow his order to stay out of it. Once Sheriff hears the events of the weekend, he will know investigating the allegations have to be done under the table with the assistance from his cousins. Like Sdunn stated Phillippe could buy Lisa since we know that he will rescue a female from harm like he did with Lanna. Although I don’t see Phillippe wanting Lisa in a sexual way, but who would know that except the three of them. Isn’t here going to be at least two plotting revenge? Phillippe against Devon and Maxine against Phillippe?

    Can drivers or guards have their own female? Derrick and Lisa? even if it has to be privately. He seems different from the others like Phillippe?

    1. I like the idea of Derrick & Lisa. She obviously is in need of a man, & derrick is definitely not like the other handlers. He’s more gentle. She allows the abuse & being mistreated for money & the comfort of a man. Im sure Derrick is paid handsomely for his services & “loyalty”.

  5. I love how Mona is thinking Philippe could buy Lisa but as we all know women don’t share well and I think Philippe isn’t interested in anyone else sexually.Plus I detect some selfishness in Lisa added to that I think Philippe’s feelings for Maxine run way deeper than her just being his submissive. I feel there is more to that story there. Philippe could buy Lisa but only just to rescue her. As for the Heart who is expected here I think Onyx is the only one who can single handedly take down this whole org seeing as she is unrivaled in hand to hand combat and she is an all round bad ass and because she would have to get in here in disguise she most likely cannot carry weapons on her person, she would have to rely on her deadly fighting skills. Derrick seems decent he could be good for Lisa

    1. I like the idea of Onyx because she’s a beautiful “black woman” who could infratrate the secret society however with her background they’ll never let her in unless she goes undercover. All the heart women are “kick ass” so anyone would do. I really can’t see Onyx being a slave or sub. Lol Tempest is a freak, Blaque is another version of Onyx, Queen is also hot tempered but has a way of getting anything and Treasure is amazing with information, she could easily change a background or “hide” information. I think a female would be great for the job. Blaque & Queen are Sheriff sisters maybe he’ll ask them first although I doubt it. Lol (that’s if a female is in fact the heart coming on the scene).

      1. I think it could be a woman because somehow I find sheriff to be too straight laced he does things by the book and seeing as this society has judges and other influent people as members, I don’t see him getting a search warrant to check out the premises any time soon and as for Lethal well he would probably have to do it undercover and just by looking at him you can tell that he would make a suspicious handler or guard because all the power he exudes he just wouldn’t be convincing as for Blaque I think she and sheriff don’t see eye to eye on the account of sheriff reusing to take sides in the feud between King Heart and Lethal Heart she she after all very devoted to her brother. As for the other female Hearts I still think Onyx is the baddest in the lot followed by Blaque, of course they seem to be evenly matched when it comes to weapons but in raw combat I think Onyx could take Blaque and all her other cousins

      2. 🙂 I do so agree on that point and it almost scares me to write that scene when it all comes down to just blaque and onyx. it’s a hard decision to make … who’d really win?

      3. Sheriff definitely does tgings by the book, but has no problem passing it on to family. I agree Onyx is a bad chick but in no way would you ever cathch me sleeping on Queen. She & King are almost equally ruthless. She towers over Onyx & has skills too as do all Hearts. Although some not as skilled as Onyx the ALL outshine the common chick. None of them are wrapped too tight, well maybe treasure. Lol. Whomever Sylvia chooses will be a great addition to the story. I completley forgot about using a male heart as a handler. Nevers kids always come in handy for stuff like this because Lethal is too well known. Delicious, Salacious or Lucious. Rob & Prince (Deamon’s kids) would be willing to help too.

      4. Gawd, SDunn, you could write a history book on the Hearts. I love your inside information. BTW, I was going to make you a postee on my site, so you could post the Heart tree yourself and all the background information. Would I send you an invite with the gmail you use here?

      5. I would be honored to have that privilege! Im not sure I got the name of Rob’s mom although I know he’s Deamon’s son. Im also not sure of Blaze, but Im assuming he’s Nevers child since he’s so helpful. I have a few old stories to read to make sure I have them all & its the matter with Shadow, lol… Lethal or Onyx? Lol

      6. I sent you the invite so you can post as a draft until you have everything or break them up by family into several post.

        you can always change and update too. I can even make it into a free book and have it downloaded with you as the author too. 🙂

        I’ll also give you inside scoops to help you plan it correctly as you post

      7. I didn’t think Sheriff would ask his crazy sisters. Lol… yes you can send the info to my gmail account :-D. Im still trying to figure the order the books are in, not too hard but I’m always discovering a new piece of the puzzle, now that I’ve finished all your books on Kindle & smashword? Im making my way through the available ones on your site. I think im caught up for the most part having just started reading your work less than 6 months ago. 😀

      8. I am SO loving this! Thank you… I have work to do. :-D. I’ll try to have something by next week. Once I’m done with that I may dip into the Blacks since Xavier/Xhan are related to both Heart & Black…

      9. Sdunn do your thing, because you are truly the heart of Detroit specialist. Can’t wait for the finished product.

      10. Hi 1sdunn,
        I, for one, can’t wait until you finish the Heart’s family tree. I know most of them because I have read all of Ms. Sylvia’s works. I just can’t remember where to place them all. Most of what I know, came out of the novels Sexweed, Screct Lies and Family Ties, and Stone’s Revenge. I know I got some material out of other novels but can’t recall which ones. I think that is a good thing you are doing. It will help us, the readers, to keep up with our beloved Heart family. I am patiently waiting for the family tree. Please keep us posted on your progress. I am intrested.

      11. Thanks Stephanie. I know you’ve been a loyal fan of Sylvia Hubbard Longer than I have so if you catch something I’ve missed feel free to share. I got most of my Heart info from Diamond in the Ruff, Mysterious Mr. BLACK & Stealing Innocence, Hope is Love, but of course the Heart Books Red Heart, Baby Doll Cabin Fever, Silent Lynx, Revenge of the Three & Diary of a temptress (to recall off the top of my head). This is going to be fun placing the Heart Clan. My biggest task isn’t the family tree. Its my personal task of putting the books in order. Im reading Sexweed now for instance I know it comes before Love 101, but my mission is to get all my reads in order because ppl I refer the books to always ask. Each series pull other characters so who a person is with or how old their child is helps me. That always helps me. 🙂

      12. That’s exactly what I have been working, so that I can re-read them in some type of order.

      13. Hi 1sdunn,
        I know it may be hard to get the order of all the books, but most of the dates can be found on amazon, smashwords, and They the listings of Ms. Sylvia books and the dates puplished. I hope the helps. I didn’t think to write the order as I purchased them, that is a good thought. I guess I was really to busy reading them.

        Loyal fans for life,

      14. sometimes the dates publish belie the story itself. if you really want to get deep into the novels, do this…

        if you want to know the order of the character’s story, follow lethal and watch where he is. sometimes you’ll hear a cousin or his sister say he’s in California (that means it’s in the time of road to freedom) or he’s in Florida (still road to freedom)

        If you hear he’s in the carolina’s he’s in the other side of love story.

        when he goes to chicago, he’s moving forward to to king’s paradise story

        from that, you also pay attention to the length of his dreds. Sometimes thye are shoulder length. sometimes they are down his back.

        LOL. I’m nutty like that.

      15. I CAN’T REMEMBER MY OWN ORDER! lol that’s so terrible. i just write. so sad. Sdunn will have to be my third brain. (my assistant is my second brain)

      16. Thank you Ladies & thank you Sylvia. I feel the love. The dates on the books really helps. However, there are stories that still give more insight on where a person like Lethal was like Road to Freedom & the Mysterious Mr. BLACK OR WICKED CHANCES the Heart & Black books connect, hell ALL the books connect in my eyes. Lol

      17. its weird cuz like when i wz writing secrets lies and family ties, people were asking why didn’t prince come help grae. that’s cuz he was busy in cabin fever.

        And like when i’m writing a live story, i have to tell myself, well lethal can’t help because of armando’s situation or the florida incident or the chicago story line. and that goes for Del Heart cuz he’s caught up in his substitute wife, plus Manny is doing the Sin’s Iniquity and His substitute wife along with looking for the sister’s that’s going to come up in king’s paradise as well.

      18. OMG! That’s funny you say that cuz I be thinking the same thing while I be reading, recalling a book that I previously read. Or I get really excited when I get an extra piece of the puzzle when I read a new book. Everything falls in place for me & a lot of questions are answered. Is there a book that goes in detail with the three brothers? I’d love to see how it all began. I know Lethal & King were close once upon a time, but there’s a thin line between love & hate. Also did Deamon really kill his baby mommas? WTF??? Excuse me I had a moment. Lol Did Nevers, Danger & Deamon all have the same parents? & is it Daemon or Deamon? Its spelled differently in some books.

      19. OMG!!!! I’m reading Sexweed & just learned of Danger’s mistress who bore (Nevers kids) so he is in fact their father NOT Their UNCLE! WTF!!! So they’re siblings & NOT cousins of Lethal, Onyx & Lynx. This is HUGE! Are any of them NEVERS kids? Is there a “Nevers”? Also the “New York Heart’s”, I think its safe to say Wicked (Theo) belongs to that bunch. Back to the drawing board for my family tree draft. Lol

  6. I am loving the series. I enjoyed the book when you first released it as a unfinished piece and look forward to the conclusion. Still praying for you and your family, stay strong, even when things look like it will tear you down.

    1. thank you Phyllis. I need all the prayers I can get. The incident has stolen my Sylvia mojo an even being creative takes effort every day. Not like it used to. sigh… I know things have to get better cause I can’t get any worse… hopefully.

  7. I just got through reading the second book! This Dark side of you has me quite angry and hoping tha Maxine would have some how gotten out of her restrains and beat the crap out of Dovan. I know this is the reaction you were hoping from your readers, I was screaming and hoping Phillipe would some how gotten there and recuse her. AND THE THE BLACK WOMAN IN ME WAS SAYING BEAT THE BRAKES OFF THIS WHITE BOY! Just so Phillipe’s father would have seen a real black woman of this day and age, Being from the South my grandmother told me how the slave master would take the little black girls or boys and have them sleep in their chambers at the bottom of the bed and across thier feets at night. All I can say is I know you are gonna have something else in the third installement of the book that will again, have me up reading all night. I just want let you know again you have done it! All a Sister can say is Dam!

  8. Sylvia I read part 4 and I like where its going however I’m not sure why you are bringing Gerald back into the picture. I thought you had enough going on with Maxine going to find out that Phillippe saved her when she was a child and the troubles that will create with her feelings of abandonment and then we have the investigation going on and the troubles she’s having with Devon. Did Maxine need anymore trouble. I’ll trust you because you have never failed to pull it all together. I can’t way to see the final book. Thanks for the sneak preview.

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