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updates to The Literary World of @SylviaHubbard1 for Jan 2013 #SylLit #SneakReader

January 2013 – even though it’s not over – has been one of the most difficult months in the year…

But you say the year just started…

Being positive then I must say, it can’t go anywhere but up! Right?

First I thought when my unemployment was cut off at the end of the December, I was doing badly. i was severely strugggling day by day to try to make sure the hills were paid and the kids didn’t feel the effects of what was going on.

Then came the real test to my stress…

The fire.

In less than fifteen minutes the house that held everything we owned disappeared in a blazed.

We lost almost everything in the fire. I say almost because we didn’t lose each other and that would have been terrible.

For myself, I had time to run in my bedroom and grab my purse, jacket and the important papers box. i had to put my clothes on outside of the house. it was a sight.

I’ve gone through the gambit of loss, but i’m coping.

So you ask, well, what about your literary life? Did you lose that?

All my books, awards, recognitions are gone.

My promotional material and even all my workshop materials are gone.

What about the WiP?

Well, I had my baby (the netbook) & kindle in my purse. i dropped my phone in the fire but I saved one flash drive. It didn’t have what I needed but it had some of the things that were important.

So what’s next for your literary world?

it’s called keep it moving.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. i’m not a person that just gives up.

i have decided to push back the date of Dark Facade. The edits i made aren’t on the baby. i thought i was being smart and saving the final version on a flash which i left on the table where it was smoldered.

I know this fire is just another way to keep me from finishing this book. I will not be deterred! I will press on. But the book release will take place for Feb 1st.

Thanks for your patience.

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