Coming to your eReader soon… #DarkFacade READ 1ST CHAPTER PREVIEW NOW!

DARKFACADE-SMALLYou’ve been patiently waiting for a very dark turn in the Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

I’ve told you the whens, the whys and the hows and now you real read the what… Dark Facade.


Maxine, an AA graphic designer who has no life, realized her best friend and coworker disappeared the day after telling Maxine she was going out on a hot date with a man she met on the Internet.

Now it’s up to Maxine to find out what happened to Lisa and who was this mysterious man who emailed his picture to her friend that Maxine just can’t stop thinking about.

Going undercover in Detroit’s black market to become a secret member of Detroit’s Masquerade Club, Maxine realizes how easy it was to get in, but she might pay with her life trying to get out.

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14 thoughts on “Coming to your eReader soon… #DarkFacade READ 1ST CHAPTER PREVIEW NOW!

  1. Hi Ms. Sylvia,
    I read the first chapter and compared it to your original version. There were not too many changes. The concept was still the same. I like the way you added more about Lisa not missing her weekend with her child. I can hardly wait for the finished copy to come out on Jan. 20th. You are doing a fab. job. I think the story will be fantastic.

    Your loyal fan,

  2. Even though I have previously read your first introduction of Dark Facade, I can’t wait to read it again. I look forward to the finished product. You are one talented writer and will have much success.

  3. Wow! This is my first time reading it but damn, its gonna be something else. Hmmmmm! Can’t wait. Love it so far.
    You did great Miss Sylvia, again.

  4. The first chapter has raised my curiosity. I’ve been wanting to read a good suspense.

  5. as always sylvia i have nothing to add or suggest. it show that it is going to be goooood
    we your fans are behind you 100%

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