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Update for #SneakReaders: Guess who just finished #DarkFacade Part One? Yep! #SylLit

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As I work on the book in my favorite spot I’m falling in love with it all over again.

It’s my darkest sensual work yet and I find myself very disturbed about the character Maxine. She’s different.

Different than other characters I’ve created. She’s got this quite strength and though she leads a life of loneliness, she feels this is necessary in order to keep her sanity.

In my next post about Dark Facade, I’m going to put a first chapter and I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

Here’s some old stuff about Dark Facade in case you didn’t want to go back. Otherwise jump to below the cover to see more things I’m speaking about.

The Set up:

Maxine, an AA graphic designer who has no life, realizing that her best friend and coworker disappeared the day after telling Maxine she was going out on a hot date with a man she met on the Internet.
Now it’s up to Maxine to find out what happened to Lisa and who was this mysterious man who emailed his picture to her friend that Maxine just can’t stop thinking about.


How You Can Get your copy:

It will be available on Smashwords, an eventually through other chains in two books. (Unfortunately, since Amazon doesn’t load Smashwords book, Kindle readers will have to upload their copy as a mobi file and then open it in your documents.)

The first book is the introduction of the protagonists and of course The Masquerade.

The second book will go deeper in the “rabbit hole” and try to fix what was torn asunder in book one between Maxine and “her master.”

Here’s the temporary cover

More updates for Dark Facade.

I’m still going out to take pictures of the building I see in my story. I even changed the address of the building to coincide with my story and now it even feels more real.

I like Detroit because even though the “real” building is four stories, I’ve actually made underground “chambers” in the story so the building has about ten floors. Four above ground and then six below. I have the large parking lot in the back and it’s on a street that people would think it was an abandon building.

No one would pay attention to this building… just like the building in my book.

On top of this, it’s near a railroad… just like the building in my book.

I can’t believe it myself.

I can’t wait for you guys to see the picture.

Also, I decided on the cover. I was talking to a designer who gave me the idea of three covers in one. Someone’s going to help me design one large panoramic cover and then We’ll chop it up into three book covers so when you put all the covers together, they fit like pieces to a puzzle or give you one phenomenal poster.

that’s the journey so far. Be on the lookout for the first chapter excerpt. If others have read the book, please leave your comments on what you thought of it.

And I’d love to know how do you guys feel about me doing this one as a serial in a book for 99cents a piece. I know it’s different for me, but I wanted to do something different this time.

Also, is ten days too long or should I do seven days between each release?

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