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#1 Googled “Popular Black Erotica Writer”…. Me?

Got this great tweet


@sylviahubbard1 you’re welcome! 🙂 when i googled ‘black erotica authors’ your name was at the top of the search results

I decided to Google myself and got this screen shot:

I was stunned and completely shocked at first and then I felt so honored to know Google popped me up at the top of the list.

I want to thank Shai Lynn for showing me this to. (She just started blogging but she’s awesome!)

I don’t know what to say really. thank you Google and Goodreads and just anyone who made the list.

I’m really seriously honored, especially seeing that over 53 million Google choose this link to be number one.

Maybe it was by fluke or by chance that I’m just number one on the list, but this meant a lot to me.

So thank you out there and thank you guys, my readers and followers, for just staying with me and letting me know how much you love my work.

Your Author!!

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