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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Chapter 16.2

Arriving at the parking garage, she hated to be grateful to Pholsom for leaving money in his ashtray so she could pay parking the car and get her car out of the garage. Glad no one was around because she was walking around in only a sheet, she had to take a long moment before doing anything to cry out her anxiety of her entire situation she realized she had been duped into.

Before leaving the car, she grabbed the insurance paper from the glove compartment.

Determined to not cry by the time she arrived home, she put his keys, the insurance paper and the ticket to the garage in an envelope.

Lori’s car was in the driveway, leaving Elena to park her own car on the street and go straight up to her room. Soon as she locked herself in her bedroom, she heard voices from the intercom she had turned on previously, but had forgotten.

“Told you she’d just go right up to her room,” Lori sneered.  “Now I’ve got the stuff.”

“Are you sure it can’t be traced back to you, Lori?” Vick asked worriedly.

“No, dammit! I told you this. And this plan is better than your plan. That food has been in her kitchen damn near a week and she hasn’t touched it. She’s hardly been here. I told you that damn doctor is keeping her busy.”

“Oh please, Dr. Jefferson?” Vick cackled. “He’s not my sister’s type at all! Trust me, I know.”

“Well, she’s someone’s type because she’s been disappearing on her shift and I heard she even had sex in the employee’s lounge with some tall dark stranger. I thought you said she wasn’t seeing anyone and no one would care if she fell off the face of the earth.”

“No one would and no one does care, not even me!”

Elena gasped horrified they would be having a conversation and dammit! She’d have to be grateful to Pholsom and Phoenix once again for keeping her so occupied she had hardly been eating at her own house. Had that been what was making her dizzy? And not the baby? Had Vick poisoned something – everything in her kitchen to slowly kill her?

Holding her stomach protectively, despite everything she was realizing, she wanted this baby more and more. There was someone to love and care for and she wanted the possibility of holding the baby in her arms. It didn’t matter whether it was a girl or boy. Although not knowing who’s baby it was deeply stressed her and what if … what if now something could be wrong with it because of Vick’s possible poisoning?

What if the baby was fine and she’d have to endure Pholsom or Phoenix for the rest of her life? Would she regret not aborting the baby later on down the line?

Vick speaking interrupted Elena’s deep thoughts. “I heard from her again,” Vick said.

Lori gasped. “When?”

“Late last night,” Vick answered. “She said if we do it before they married, we’d get double.”

“Does Elena know you know about the ceremony?”

“Like I said, my sister don’t know shit and she wouldn’t do shit if she knew it. She’s been living in some la-la fucking land thinking if she keeps to herself no ones ever going to bother her. Ha! Once I’m done-“

Lori cut him off, “You mean, once we’re done.”

Elena could hear them kissing sloppily and her stomach turned.

“Yeah, baby, once we’re done, we’re gonna be so fucking rich, we won’t know which island to buy.”

Lori cackled with him this time and Elena turned off the intercom.

Looking at her cell phone to see Pholsom had called twelve times and that unknown number had called over twenty. Her calendar alarm decided to go off to remind her of the day spa.

A few minutes later, she heard Vick and Lori leave together. She knew she should probably tell Chance what was going on, but she was a little angry at him. What if he knew too about what Phoenix and Pholsom had been doing to her and decided to never tell her? Damn him too.

She needed to get her mind completely off her problems and she didn’t miss the appointment, especially when a car showed up at her home to take her. Needing to get her mind straight at the severity of what had been happening her, she let the car take her to one of the most popular day spas in Detroit.

Owned by Jalen Gates, not only was it popular but there was exclusivity about the place especially as the car parked in the rear and the driver came around to escort her to a golden door in the back of the building. There was a bell on the door, which the driver pressed and a statuesque naturally blonde woman in a short golden skirt and a golden shirt opened the door; even the makeup on her face was golden.

She smiled genuinely and asked, “Do you have a golden ticket?”

The driver took out an envelope from inside his jacket and handed this over to Elena. Opening the envelope, she saw a short note from Sloan that said, “Enjoy.” Inside was a credit card, a golden ticket and five dollars worth over two hundred dollars.

She handed the golden ticket to the woman and was allowed to step inside without the driver by her side. Obviously the driver must have known he was not coming inside. The room they were in was small and the woman went over to a podium where a golden laptop was. She used some scanning device over the ticket and then smiled even wider.

“Ms. Holland, welcome,” the woman said. “Please follow me.”

Elena stayed behind the woman as she was led past black curtains down some stairs to a very beautiful spa in the basement.

The sweet smells of nature came at her from all sides as the woman called on someone else to escort Elena to another area.  Other women were waiting, but it seemed as if Elena was to be rushed past them and to another private area to get her spa started.

Elena gave the statuesque woman five dollars in tip and was welcomed with another broad grin from the woman.

This new woman was similarly dressed except she was partially Hispanic with dark hair. The golden outfit was tight and made her look very exotic.

Since she was pregnant, she couldn’t get in the warm soak, so they applied a cool mud pack all over her body. She was relaxed and trying not to think of anything.

Afterwards, she was given a, grooming, shower and a facial, while her nails were being done. Feeling even more relaxed, she was very ready for her massage and was led into another room.

“Change to the larger towel behind the partition, lie down on the table with your towel over your backside and your masseuse will be with you shortly,” the woman said.

Changing to a dry towel behind the partition, she noticed there was a large mirror in front of her and she looked down at her stomach. Touching her navel, she wondered whose child was growing inside of her.

How and why they had orchestrated something so filthy was beyond her comprehension.

Would she still keep the baby or abort the fetus?

Opening her palm covering her full stomach, she closed her eyes wondering how tiny the fetus could be at this moment?

Remembering the nights she had gone to the house and the times she should have questioned something almost made her sick to her stomach.

Coming out behind the partition, she stopped abruptly as she saw Chance filling the room by the table she had been instructed to lie down on.

“You bastard!” she sneered.

“Please Keath, I had to see you,” he implored. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Running up to him, she slammed her fist repeated in his chest and he didn’t stop her.

“I hate you! I hate them! This was all some sick game! I should have known!”

“Known what, Keath?” he asked. “This wasn’t some sick game. Pholsom told me two days before I saw you in the emergency room how sick his uncle was getting and how they had started the search for you because Sloan knew you’d be the only one who would understand the situation and save him. They’d just found the information that you worked in the hospital.” He gingerly took her wrist stilling her. “When I saw you in the emergency room, I thought it was fate. I didn’t expect you, but you were there and I thought I would … I would recon some information about you for them, but I honestly didn’t expect you to be… damn! So damn good in heart and I tried to warn you as much as I could without…”

“Betraying your true friends.” With all her might, she slapped him across the cheek. “Thank you, Chance!” Tears filled her eyes. “Thank you for letting me know how insignificant I am to you.”

He had the nerve to look hurt. “If I can say sorry a million times, I would, Keath.”

“Let me go!” she screamed.

Releasing her wrist, he stepped back as she fruitlessly swung at him some more in frustration. “Please stop before you hurt the baby.”

She hated he was right and turned away from him holding her stomach. Everything started to hurt, even her brain. “Just go.”


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