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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Author’s Note: The day in the life of me and the new beau.

I’m starting to really like big guys. 

I mean I know I write about them alot, but dating them has been a little intimidating. Not that I’m afraid one will act like my Jalen or lawd da help, William Stone, but I have just stayed away from them on purpose because I was just afraid of them. Honestly speaking.

I mean, I write the fiction and I know reality is so much harder on the heart than what I write – even though I do take my characters through the gambit.

So big guy “new beau” has all my warning signs going off

1. he’s into law enforcement (has been for a while)

2. He’s big 6.2-3, brawny and damn he can lift me, so he’s strong.

3. He’s got these great eyes. like dark golden wine. (I’m using that in my next description)

4. He’s funny, quick witted and naturally satirical.

You’re saying this is a good thing right?!

No! When i get everything I want, that’s when I get suspicious.

Now i gotta find out what’s wrong with him.

I did let him know he’s on the six month probation. So the countdown has begun. Let’s see what I can do to mess this one up.

…. sigh… I’ll try to be positive about this. I know I over think these things because I’m an author and I like to know the ending of the story before it’s played out.

This life thing takes a lot of work for an author, because we have to wait for life to happen.

Chapter 9.2

After leaving the laboratory, she returned to her floor and changed into her uniform wearing long sleeves so no one would question the band-aids on her arms from the blood test she just went through.

How much did she want to scream on Pholsom’s voicemail for his carelessness, but at the same time she wanted to call him to hear his voice.

How crazy was that? Was she falling for him and all his idiosyncrasies? His seriousness one moment and his silliness the next; She definitely thought too much about his lovemaking and fought every second not to want to crave him even now.

Elena had to tell him about the engagement as soon as possible.

The nurse who’d interrupted her previously was at the desk smiling wickedly. “You’ve got an admirer.”

“What are you talking about?”

The nurse moved to the side to show off the yellow and red dozen roses sitting on the other side of the counter. Moving over to them with a dumbstruck expression, she carefully picked out the card.

“Please forgive and then accept our offer. P.”

She read the note several times and then clutched the paper to her chest, closing her eyes.

“So who’s the new beau, Elena?”

Elena turned to the desk composing herself immediately. “Just the person who could possibly be my new boss.”

“Does your boyfriend know you’re getting flowers from another man?”

“My boyfriend?”

“Oh, eye candy doctor down on GYN,” the nurse said obviously.

Elena rolled her eyes trying to forget the rumors Chance said would fly abound about them.

“I hope you take that trash off my counter,” Lori sneered behind her as Elena clocked in.

Elena really didn’t feel like dealing with Lori right now, but she did take the flowers to the employees’ room and set them on the table, without bothering to make eye contact with Lori and only muttering “yes, Lori” to whatever Lori fussed about.

She would deal with a response to Pholsom later. Lori looked ready for a fight and Elena wasn’t going to say or do anything to make the woman even bother her any more than she already did.

She needed to speak to Pholsom before he even got a whiff of the proposal from Sloan. Even though he didn’t work for the hospital, he could be around enough to hear gossip and would wonder why she didn’t say anything to him.

Although she didn’t care about gossip, she just didn’t like gossip being about her and she didn’t want anything to get to Pholsom’s ears before she had a chance to explain everything.

Doing her rounds and then paperwork that seem to be more and more, she finished before her break and then rushed down to GYN to meet with Chance. Surprisingly her stomach didn’t beg for food like usual, but this didn’t mean much to her.

A nurse came in and instructed her to get dressed in the gown.

“I’m just here for some test results,” Elena disputed.

Looking at the chart, the nurse said, “The doctor said he would have to do some swabs too.”

Elena snatched the gown and went behind the curtains. What the hell was Chance up to?


Chance came in filling the small room with his big body and huge smile. “So how’s the patient?”

“Why did you need to swab?” she demanded to know without answering his question.

“You want me to do my job, don’t you?” he questioned skeptically.

Relaxing, she let him maneuver her feet in the stirrups as he sat down in the chair in front of her.

The nurse had already set up the tray for him.

“Would you feel comfortable if I asked the nurse in with us?” he asked in his official doctor’s voice.

“No, just do the swab,” Elena gritted out through clenched teeth, trying not to be uptight about this, but Chance was cute and even though she wasn’t attracted to him, she still hated cute doctors as her GYN.

“So you and Pholsom, huh?” he asked after putting on his glove.

“It just happened,” she explained.

“I thought you had something against handsome men.”

“Just handsome doctors.”

He paused a moment in what he was doing, but then proceeded. “Seriously, Keath. I really thought you had an aversion.”

“I do, but there was something else. He reminded me about the past… I think, I don’t know, but there was this wave of sexuality that gripped me about him. I don’t know.”

“So you wanted him and only him?”

That was a strange question to ask. “Yes, Chance.”

“Do you want it to happen again? Do you want to be with him again?”

She waited as he took the swab before answering the question. “I don’t know how to predict the future, Chance.”

He dislodged her from her uncomfortable position and she saw he had already placed the swab in the container for the lab with K. Smith on the label. Helping her sit up, he didn’t move from his stool so she could get down, but at least she could look down at him and not feel so uncomfortable.

“No, I don’t expect you to predict the future, but you’ll be working with him closely.”

“I’ll be as professional as possible.”

“I’m just saying don’t try to hurt yourself fighting your feelings for him, just be careful and honest with him when you know your heart is involved. He’s complicated. As your friend I should tell you that.”

“And you should know about complicated men?”

He flushed. “I’m just a little. He’s a lot.”

“Thank you for the warning, Chance.”

Reaching over to another table, he handed her the folders. “Can you return these by the morning? That record clerk is a bitch.”

“Of course. Did you look through them?”

“Yes, I did and what I see is each patience died of pulmonary edema, which is a usual complication of the elderly. What I don’t see is a close contact or relative to contact, but about the same time during the night, although when I pulled the funeral home transfer slips, some of them were earlier. Meaning the body was there, but the time of death was pronounced later.”

“Someone could have fudged paperwork?”

“Someone didn’t want the time of death to be the same each time or the same person signing the patient out. The last one has your name all over it, but anybody looking for who done it would see your shift didn’t start until almost four hours later unless you were in the hospital earlier than that, which you were, but I know for sure you and I were together.”

Elena felt good knowing she had a friend like Chance in her life.

He leaned in close to her. “Who could’ve forged your signature so well, Elena?”

A chill crept over her and she knew. As many times Vick has to forge their mother’s signature to get things they needed around the house because her mother wouldn’t or couldn’t, she knew Vick knew her signature well enough to forge perfectly.

Yet why would Vick help Lori cover up deaths and if these deaths were deliberate, why would Lori be so vicious in doing something like this?

“If you don’t mind, I got an associate to help us out. I didn’t need to give her too much information about you, but I did give her the patient information and what she needed to look out for.” He handed her a black business card with only two words on the front.

She read the words out loud. “Onyx Heart?” A cold chill seem to sweep the room suddenly. Flipping the card over, she read Heart Securities and Information Specialist and underneath were two phone numbers.

“She’ll contact you and don’t worry,I’ll cover her expenses.”

Why did it feel she was making a deal with the devil? Yet up until now, Chance had only done right by her, so she shouldn’t feel so apprehensive. He really was being her friend.

“I’m still looking up some things, but I just wanted you to know I had started and looked through the file.” He picked up a folder with her name on it. “Now about your results from the lab.”

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