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My literary world is pretty big.

I’m speaking of my online website:

It’s been growing for a long while. Since 2009, when I decided to put everything here, it has gotten bigger and bigger.

Now if you’re new to the site and like it states on the front page, don’t know where to go, just go to the Welcome post.

After deciding what to do from there, I do suggest you try the Free Reads. A lot of people ask about the passwords to some of the free stories. I can’t give any out. The only way you can get them is if you read the paid stories.

I do have to make a living.

One reader complained that to one of the paid stories the password is in is only an eRead on Amazon. We’re talking about Secret, Lies & Family Ties. There is a paperback version that can be bought and if you would like the story that bad, you could see – and just see – if you can get the password off the FREE excerpt Amazon offers.

Just remember, the more books you buy, the more I can stay home and write. Honestly, you complain I don’t come out with a lot of stories, but I want to satisfy your craving to produce more. I can’t produce more if you’re bootlegging and looking for free books that you know you should pay for.

I try to keep all the prices of my books low. Matter of fact, you can get almost twenty to twenty-five of my books for less than forty dollars. I think that’s more than a deal.

BTW, don’t forget to check out new books that were added recently:

New Books Added Recently

Plus at Amazon, I’ve just added Babydoll for my Kindlers!

I love my readers though. Especially the ones that really support me and help me out when I need it. I love that you comment, pass the word, share and loan my books out – legally – and encourage others to pick up my books. 

Of course there is a lot more to do – for the both of us. More reviews from you and more published works from me.

I hope to bring more stories to you. Along with the free stories I post and the live books I produce on the site, I still hope to get more short stories to weave around so more readers can get lost more.

Let’s make the last part of 2012 a great year for both of us. Give me more feedback of what you’d like and I’ll do my best to give more books to read.

Let’s push 2012 to the literary boundary for the both of us!  Leave comments below and don’t forget to share My Literary World with others with the tabs below to your social networks.

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