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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Author’s Note: You’ll have to thank the new beau for this one. I have been standoffish about dating and decided to take the plunge for the next guy who asked me for his number.

Had a talk with God and told him how I haven’t been asked out on a date. Hell, even when I dated last, I hadn’t gotten any roses.

I guess people read my books and think I have this romantic life of a nice six feet two guy, built, rugged, sarcastic with a great sense of humor. But in actuality, I don’t.

I live a very quiet life with three kids, no man in a small twin size bed that’s about to fall apart.

My deepest fear is that I’ll never lay in a bigger bed because then it’d really look empty if I get a bigger size and no one to share it with.

(Although the kids still slip in an sleep with me every once in a while, but that’s just pathetic for a forty year old woman.)

Yet, still the men that approached me were boring, overwhelmed and not very challenging.

So I said to the good Lord, I think you made me just a little bit too good for anybody around here and if that’s the case, am I expected to be alone forever or settle for an idiot?

The answer: Stop turning down even the nice ones.

So I said, “Okay, you send me a nice looking one, who looks like he’s got a brain and can make me laugh in the first minute I meet him, then I’ll give him my number if he asks for it.”

A couple of weeks ago, My daughter and best friend decide suddenly they want ice cream and both want me to drive to get them some.

The best friend thinks she recognizes someone while we’re out. I had just crawled out of bed to be their jitney, so I wasn’t looking to recognize anyone. I hadn’t comb my hair and I was wearing a dress I’d been wearing for the past two days.

She insist she knows someone and goes about walking right over to this guy. She said something something something and he  retorted something back which made the both of us laugh.

He’s six three, with nice eyes, light skinned AND A POLICE OFFICER.

I’ve always had an aversion to police officers. I think that’s why I invented Lethal Heart. He’s not a police officer, but he serves and protects in his own way.

I mean, I’ve heard women say they’d love a guy in a uniform. I’ve worked for them and I found them to be deceitful, cheating, lying and just mean at times.

So I’d resolved to never date one  – ever.

Back to the story…

It’s not the guy she thinks she knows.  and he turns to me and asks me what’s my number so he can call me.

I hesitate but dammit, I remembered I wanted to date.

I gave him the number.

He called me for a turkey sandwich date the other date and afterwards gave me a nice big hug.

It was nice.

Hence, this is why the story … well, you’ll read it and see.

Chapter 4

The sudden hungry look appeared in his eyes as he looked at her from head to toe. “You’re shoeless, Ms. Holland.”

“You’re very observant, Mr. Todd.” She held out the clear hospital bags with her dirty clothes that showed her shoes at the bottom. “I left my extra pair in my car.”

He cut her a look as if she had left her shoes in her car on purpose and smirked. “Where are you parked?”

Elena pointed to the last car in the farthest and dimmest part of the parking lot. “May I be a gentleman and help you to your car?” he asked.

She didn’t know what this meant, but couldn’t think of anything that she would be uncomfortable with, so she nodded.

Suddenly she was swept up in his arms as if she was light as a ragdoll and he started walking in the parking lot. The above and beyond gesture completely caught her off guard. She couldn’t do or say anything because she knew if she opened her lips she would giggle like a schoolgirl.

He raised a brow in irritation. “Did you deliberately park in the last space the furthest away from the door?”

“Oh yeah,” she said letting the giggle out so he didn’t think it was because she was enjoying the fact he was carrying her with little to no effect across the parking lot. “I just knew I’d be shoeless and some handsome guy would pop out of nowhere to carry me around.”

He adjusted her smoothly as if he carried women around professionally.

She remarked, “You’re really good at this. Do you often carry strange women for no reason at all?”

“No,” he said with a hint of insult in his tone of voice. “My mother became very ill. Chemo and diabetes got the best of her and her legs were completely useless during the last two years of her life. Whenever I visited her, she’d always want to go into her garden and she hated wheelchairs.” There was an annoyance in his tone of voice as if he hated the chore. “She demanded a smooth ride.”

To lighten the mood, Elena said, “You ever thought about being an orderly?”

He cut her a side glare. “I’ve never worked for anyone a day in my life, Ms Holland.”

It felt like it was taking forever to get across the parking lot or was he deliberately taking his time?

“I take it you haven’t read my paperwork,” he noted.

She noted he wasn’t the least bit out of breath. Of course she read his paperwork and she knew he had worked in the health care field out of the state and had been in Health care administration also. He sold over fifty senior complexes he owned in Florida to move up to the Metro Detroit Area. At thirty-two, currently, his entire fortune rested on acquiring twelve senior citizen complexes around Detroit and he was building five senior citizen buildings in Southeastern Detroit. His commendations for geriatric care were lengthy and she could see why he needed someone who he completely trusted to help him with this sudden inherited property. His reputation was on the line and he needed eyes where he couldn’t be.

For some reason he even put in his last bill of health, but omitted information about the facility he wanted her to run. She had to assume it was a snafu of his, but she wasn’t about to correct him now because then she’d have to admit she read his information very thoroughly including the blood work up. He was clean enough to eat off of.

Being in the health care field, she just didn’t have sex with random strangers and was always health conscious about her own self. The thought that this man was cleaner than a hypoallergenic surgery room, turned her on completely. Was that why he smelled so damn good? Even now every fourth step produced that sweet smell that reminded her vividly of that day in Mr. Bradshaw’s home and those kisses. Would Pholsom’s lips taste and feel the same?

Feigning tiredness so he wouldn’t know how impressed she was with his resume or how turned on his was with his proximity and smell, she said, “I figured I could use it for some light reading to put me to sleep.”

Pholsom stopped walking and glared down at her. The fact that he was looking angry didn’t bother her, but she was now very aware one of his thick hands was right on her posterior. Did he know she wasn’t wearing underwear?

If she shifted would he know his impenetrable glare wasn’t scaring her, but turning her on?

“Are you calling me boring, Ms Holland?”

To flub would show either arousal or fear; neither she wanted to reveal to him. “I couldn’t possibly answer that, Mr. Todd, when my body and the potential to be my future boss are in your hands.”

There was this moment that she was sure she felt his body tremble, but she couldn’t be sure.

That mischievous eyebrow rose again. “And if neither were a factor? What would you think of me?”

She bit her lip wondering could she shout to plead the fifth.

He took her silence as fear. “Don’t be scared. If I reverse the question to myself, and there was no business between us, I’d admit I find you very desirable even looking like a wet dog in mangy scrubs. And the fact that you’re naked underneath these clothes arouses me completely.”

She wasn’t sure when he started walking, but now they were in front of her car staring at each other. Her hands moved tighter around his neck to prepare him to put her down, but he misinterpreted this action and dipped his lips down to press firmly on hers.

He was kissing her.

Or was she kissing him?

All she knew was that his lips felt more than wonderful, they were perfection. He kissed like there was an urgency to have her. Instantly feeling wanted, her arousal increased and a deep moan escaped deep in her throat.

She knew she parted her lips to taste him and he received her tongue as if it were meant for only him. She didn’t know if she was breathing or holding her breath. Her lungs felt they weren’t getting enough air either way, that is until he set her down on the hood of her car.

At that moment she loved American steel because the hood of her car didn’t cave in to her weight and she knew it was capable of holding more.

In the early morning light, with the bushes around the other side of the car, they were too far away for anyone to really make out what they were doing. She was sure who removed one leg out of her scrubs, but she wrapped her legs around his waist still overwhelmed by the trillion kisses he was giving and receiving from her. By fate, no one was around as he moved between legs closely. So caught up in emotion, she was slightly aware he’d put on a condom and was relieved as plunged deep in her. The first thing she noted was her tightness or was it just his thickness. On top of that, he was severely curved and if she hadn’t been holding on to him tightly ,she was sure she would have fallen off the car from the pressure he placed between her legs.

He moved to hold himself up and look down at her as he began this sensuous gyration of his hips. Elena didn’t know whether she was coming or going but she knew her mind was completely gone along with her focus. She couldn’t see straight, breath straight and knew when this orgasm was over with, she wouldn’t be able to walk straight, but she didn’t care as she luxuriated in the building sexual tension he delivered to every inch of her body.

“Come, Elena,” he whispered. “Come beautiful.”

And she did. It had been so damn long and the relief as the explosion vibrated from her vagina all the way up and down her spine. Even her toes curled so tight she was positive they made a perfect letter C.

Finally he moved down to kiss her again slowly his strokes to deeper and longer, t the same time she could feel him thicken deep within her. The moment his lips touched hers, she knew her body was rising in the pleasurable ecstasy he had brought her too before. This one was different.

Their breathing and bodies sync and a horizontal tango ensued as each worked to fulfill the others needs.

At the same time, they peaked groaning, moaning and crying each other’s name. she loved saying his name softly over and over, first in panic, then in glorious pleasure.

He held her closely until her body stop trembling and she was back to reality. The warmness of the morning helped in elongating the moment they shared.

“Should we regret this moment?” he asked moving up again to look down at her.

Looking down between her legs where he was very much embedded in and she couldn’t see the curve she knew was there, but she could very much feel, she said, “Well, if I accepted your position, you’ve got to promise we aren’t doing this in business meetings.”

He gurgled his laughter and shook his head as he moved away from her standing on the other side of the car to block anyone from seeing her as she put her leg in her pants.

“Does that mean you accept?”

“You can’t ask me that now.”

“Why? I hate not getting my questions answered when asked.”

Sliding off the car, noting he reached out and held her hand to make sure she didn’t fall, she said, “We’ve just had sex, Mr. Todd.” Going back to formalities was very much needed.

“Oh really, Ms. Holland.” He stressed her last name. “I know we just had sex.”

“Mixing business with pleasure is never good.”

“I’m not trying to.”

“Then you can’t ask me that question when my mind is still filled with sexual thoughts about you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I still want you!” she blurted out in frustration.

He smirked and dipped down to kiss her. “So asking you about the job is out, right?” he questioned.

Elena nodded.

“But asking if we could have breakfast and another go round at my place isn’t?”

Damn him! She thought as she nodded again.

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