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Good to be Addicted to Books… writing, reading, buying & repeat.

I’ve probably said this a million times or you probably already know:

I don’t know if I need counseling, but I think this is a good addiction rather than sex, drugs or even alcohol.

I could be stuffing potpourri up my nose or worse spending all my book money on booze.

But no, that’s not my problem.

Now I’m going to say, I have other addictions such as

buying movies (over 5000 original dvds are in my house currently)

Office supplies (My heart quickens when I even drive past an Office Max)

Lipton Brisk Sweet Tea (I’m seriously down to one bottle a day… almost)

Cotton Candy (I’ve forced myself to hide this addiction but if you want to get on my good side, be my cotton candy pimp and I’ll do anything for you.)

Sushi (Just like my cotton candy addiction, I’m always looking for a pimp.)

Yet my addiction to books has been so profound my son at thirteen threatened to leave if I brought another book home. Skip forward to two years later, I’ve been hoarding them in my car waiting for him to go to bed at night to sneak them in.

To me, books are like orphans running around and needing a home and it’s all up to me to provide them with one. I’ll read anything but of course my favorite has always been historical romance.

I’m a nut for it. It’s like books on crack for me.

True, I don’t write it because I just find it lunacy you can’t have a cell phone in the wild west. What’s a girl to do?

But no matter what the book is I love to read it.

My Kindle Fire has kept the peace at the house. I buy and get free books all day and all night.

Currently in my Amazon account and the stock up from Smashwords I’m running at about Five G. Even the Amazon rep who had to help me reset my kindle was surprised and envious at the stock of books I have hoarded on my device.

I think I’m going to be the first to have a Kindle explode from all the content on it. I just know it.

I’ll be the first customer Amazon will say, No books for you (In the Russian stern voice from Senfield’s soup show.)

I hope that day never comes. I hope Jeff Bezo give me more room when he sees I need it and just says, She’s an addict and I’m her pusher.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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