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New #Reviews in for #HopeIsLove: Original & Interesting PageTurner

Author Update: Been a busy bee promoting and everything, plus editing The Mysterious Mr. Black so fans can get the book in its entirety. Thank you for all your patience and I appreciate your undying word of mouth advertisement you have helped by spreading the word to other readers about my work. Remember, the more that buy and review, the less work I have to do promoting and the more time I can spend writing. It’s a circle of life for a writer that you as a reader benefit from.

New reviews are being posted all over the Internet, but mostly I’m catching them over at Amazon, so if you have a review you’d like me to acknowledge please add it there, or go to my book page and add it at the end.

As you know my new book is out called Hope Is Love which is the second book in the Black Family Series and it’s been getting some pretty nice reviews if I must say so myself. Keep them coming because they are encouraging me to hurry up and finish third installment of the Black Family Series: The Mysterious Mr. Black. 


This book was very refreshing as the plot was just so original. Homeless woman saves rich man from death who then developed amnesia, then lives on the street shortly with her. The romance between James and Hope was really built from their very first meeting, and there was a gradual development of their relationship which really let the reader get to know them better. It was good catching up with Ethan and Nicole from Love Like This. Seeing how their marriage is so strong after their rocky start was great. Overall this was a great read, good storyline that will keep you turning the pages until the end, hot sex scenes, and lots of maturing and growing by these characters. I would definitely recommend.

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Like I said, keep them coming and I’m honored everyone who has taken the time to post your reviews.

To get your e-copy of Hope Is Love, please visit amazon at: Paperback copies are available wherever books are sold including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and other online/offline shops.

And of course, if you haven’t checked out Love Like Like, just CLICK HERE and to get some more information about the Black Family Series, please, CLICK HERE!


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