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Scribblers, Screamers & Other Wordslingers Magazine @sswmag features @sylviahubbard1| Plus #hopeislove 1st booksigning

I’m honored to be featured at Scribblers, Screamers & Other Wordslingers Magazine.

taken by JM Collins @sswmag

For my first book signing offline, I was at Tom’s Oyster Bar in Detroit where I was given a great welcome as wine tasters greeted me and learned about my journey to bring Hope Is Love to life.

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I was also honored with a visit from comedian Horace B Sanders and other notable friends such as author: Kai Mann, playwright: Octavia Lesley and freelance journalist: Pam Woodley.

I want to thank everyone for their support and I’ll be of course at other venues to come.

Of course more information will be forthcoming and I’m hoping more events are to come. Please contact me if you’d love to have me at your event!

Horace B Sanders & Sylvia Hubbard

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