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Day 1: My 21st Self-Publishing Journey to Hope Is Love

I’ve been pretty quiet lately as I prepare for my new book coming out. Yeah, you still see updates and I’m monitoring the groups feed (so don’t get any ideas,  LOL.) I haven’t published a paperback in so long, I almost emotionally forgot about the suffering and joy of it all. But most of all, the love that I feel for doing the process over and over again. I just posted the eBook first to Amazon and waited (exactly) 12 hrs to see it finally on their site and then had to wait three more hours to get it in my amazon store. then I sent an email out to all the people who have done recent reviews to start posting the reviews there and now I’m working with on a ten blog book tour and also a thirty blog tour later on. Along with five separate book sites for interviews. All the while trying to finish up a sequel for my new book Love 102: Back to School.

Yeah, I’m getting back in the saddle again…. whew! I asked for this.

Now I’m asking my readers if you have read the book, please take a moment and go to the link and do a review, then share!

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