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La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 19.2 #WIP


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Chapter 19.2


His mouth was so warm and every time she kissed him she found she was losing just a little bit more and more of her own sanity. No man had made her feel so sweet and wicked at the same time and Stefanie knew she wanted to feel so much more.

Moving over into his seat straddling his waist, while he pulled the bar to move the driver’s seat back for more room, they never stopped kissing and she could tell he was enjoying himself just as much as she was.

Grinding herself against his manhood that pressed from her groin to her stomach, she relished his mumbled moan. Running her hands behind his nape and then encircling her arms around his neck, she increased her grind loving how his thick arms circled her body to hold her in place hard against his clothed shaft as if his life depended on everything move she made.

His moans were getting louder and Colette was fascinated by the loss of control this man seemed to have with her as she felt his hips bolt from the seat, pull her body so tight into hers and his mouth attacked her neck voraciously. The breath seemed to be squeezed out of her for a moment and then she heard him curse.

When she tried to move, he seemed to hold her tighter, so she kept still until he seemed to get his equilibrium back.

Did it just happen again? Her mind was screaming in dissatisfaction, but her exterior kept cool.

She was aware when he returned to reality because his arms circled her waist tightly and he groaned in her neck.

“Fuck! Fuck!” he whispered.

“I should be honored that you lose all control around me,” she said with a giggle trying to assuage him.

“You should slap me,” he said disappointedly. “I should be able to control myself.”

“Well, at least until I can get mine,” she pretended to be affronted.

He kissed her softly on her neck, cheek and then lips. “I should take you home and find ways to show my apology.”

Reluctantly she moved off his lap and into the passenger seat. He growled from just the friction and she could see he was still pronounced. Yet even as he arrived at her home he made no attempt to invite himself in.

Stefanie tried to insinuate a reason for him to come in. “You could come inside and clean up.”

Axel took a deep breath as if he had already considered that, but after another second he shook his head. “I really shouldn’t. I don’t trust myself and I really can’t move to even open your door or walk you to your front door. I’m sorry. But I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

Getting out before her own disappointment began to show, she felt confused, horny and… Frustrated – all over again.

Going into the house, Stefanie went to her computer just too upset to even try to get relaxed. At first, she tried answering some emails, but was too distracted by the entire night to really try to think about anything else.

Should she be honored that he was unable to have any type of control around her?
A man as handsome and perfect looking as this man was must have plenty of women and have had plenty of practice.

The doorbell ringing startled her. Turning on her security camera by her desk all she could see was a dark Stetson, but she knew instantly whom it was.

La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 19.2 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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