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La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 18.2 #WIP

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Chapter 18.2


“Long time no see, Stefanie Kent,” Nick said, with open arms. “Aren’t you going to give your old friend a hug?”

[Description of Nick Inserted here  – compare to Nick Cannon, but thicker. Mention permanent sarcastic smile]. In college, Stefanie used to be infatuated by his lips and the way the grin never seemed to leave his lips, yet now as she noticed the way his lips natural curved on one side of his face, she found the permanent sarcastic smile annoying.

Stiffly, she stood up and hugged Nick. His arms gripped around her waist and he held her overly long.

She didn’t push him away, but let him hold her until he finally released her, but with that move, he kissed her on the cheek very close to her mouth. It took everything inside of her not to wipe his human stain away and she also forced himself to smile.

“You are looking so beautiful, Stefanie.”

When she started to sit down again, she noticed Axel had moved to the middle of the booth so when she sat down she would be sitting close to him.

Without being invited, Nick sat down across from her. Axel’s proximity eased her upset, yet he still didn’t speak. Matter of fact, he looked guilty.

“So you know Axel?” she asked Nick.

“Who doesn’t know Axel Black?” he said the name as if there was something funny about that question, yet she didn’t catch the joke.

“I guess I should ask how do you know him?” she questioned looking at Axel and then Nick for answers.

Simultaneously, they said, “College.”

She looked at Axel. “You went to school in Michigan?’

Again they spoke simultaneously, “No.”

Axel took her hand and gently squeezed her palm. “Nick and I met at Harvard.”

“Yeah,” Nick said as if his confirmation was needed in order for this statement from Axel needed to be believed. “But the algorithms Nick created-“

“Funny,” she said cutting Nick off. “I was sure you’d scream from the ceiling if you’d ever met Axel Black, Nick.”

Nick chuckled, but it was fakest laugh she’d ever heard. “I don’t put all my business on the Internet. If you’d come around more, you’d know there’s more to me than meets the eye.”

“I didn’t want to be the cause of another argument between you and Jezica, Nick.” There was a tense moment of silence and she decided to ask, ”Where’s Jezica?”

Nick stiffened and gritted out, “As much as Jezica loves to go out, she doesn’t like to go out with her husband. She states that she spends too much time putting up with your geekiness that she’s just too exhausted for me.”

Why did it sound like he was accusing her of who his wife chooses to spend time with? She never forced Jezica to go out with her.

Defensively, she said, “I never wanted to come between you and Jezica, Nick. That’s why I stayed away from the house because she asked me to.”

“A good friend makes sacrifices and do whatever they had to do to spend time with friends they really care about.”

She gripped the table to hide her growing turmoil. Nick had a lot of nerve saying that to her when he dropped her like a bad habit to be with and marry Jezica. “I should refresh myself,” she said. “Before we leave.”

“Good idea,” Axel agreed with a sympatric look wishing as if he could help her. “We’ll meet you at the bottom of the steps.”

She drunk all the wine from her glass and suddenly felt she was going to throw up. “Excuse me,” she said abruptly standing up.

Both men stood out of respect and watched her as she walked away. Getting out of the booth, she staggered to the bathroom praying she wouldn’t throw up before getting to a stall.

Being away from Nick, her anxiety dissipated and she hoped he wasn’t there when she got back. By the time she made it down the steps to the bathroom, she was feeling a lot better and just needed to press her face against the cool bathroom wall.

She went into a stall for privacy.

After taking deep gulps of breaths, she bit down on her lip forcing herself not to scream. What the hell was he doing here and how could he be angry at her?

Nick never made any attempt to see her! He never said one word to her when Jezica had clearly told them Stefanie didn’t need to come around. He had even avoided Stefanie’s calls when she tried to call him at work.

So why was she upset about something so trivial? Now he was miserable and probably wishing he had stayed with Stefanie.

On top of that he was most likely jealous because she was here with Axel Black.

Composing herself, she confidently opened the stall door.

Instead of just walking out, she was face to face with Jezica looking as if someone had ran her over with a truck.

Jezica had always been one to make sure her appearance was kept up. Even on a bad day, Jezica looked nice.

Except now!

How Jezica had gotten into the restaurant dressed as if she had not changed her clothes in about a week, along with rolling around in the dirt, was a mystery to Stefanie. Her hair was ratted all over her hair and seem to cry out in desperation for a comb. To make matters worse, she was broken out with pimples and something funny growing over her lip, and had the nerve to wear large sunglasses as if to disguise herself.

“What is wrong with you, Jezica? What are you doing here?” Stefanie asked.

“I should be asking you that!” Jezica said her eyes filled with accusation. “Conspiring with the enemy.”

La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 18.2 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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