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LITERARY SPOTLIGHT: Getting to Know Angela H. Brown via @aambookclub

Getting to Know Angela H. Brown

Angela is the published author of; IT’S MO BETTER THE SECOND TIME AROUND! She is on the move and has no plans on stopping any time soon! Angela is motivated to pull her readers into the room and make them feel sexy, and secure to be themselves. It’s Mo Better is based upon bits and pieces of her own life. Angela experienced physical abuse at an early age, but the bruises eventually disappeared and she began to inspire other people to stop playing the victim and plan for your victory! Angela was inspired to write her first book by her attorney who was her client; she is a hair dresser of twenty years. The book became born and the character TIFFANY was released to the world.

Tiffany is a young sexy diva who is searching for a LOVE JONES EXPERIENCE. Tiffany meets, and learns that love and sex is two different things. Charles is his name and boxing is his game. Charles is controlling and has the key, and code to Tiffany’s forbidden treasure. Moaning, passion, rain drops of sweat, and screaming his name ends in pain. Now Tiffany’s young and dumb attitude knows better she was raised better than that. The book will take you through a tunnel of confusion, because Tiffany finds out life ain’t perfect. Well look who fell out the sky it is a bird or a plane, no honey it is every woman’s dream it is a scoop of chocolate ice cream dripped in caramel, and nuts with a cherry on top. Lord have mercy it is Mr. Randy to the rescue. Tiffany takes this joy ride then jumps out the passenger seat and hitchhikes right to, what do the lonely do at Christmas life. Readers it get’s Mo Better because love gets real, and the bruises began to fade. This book has so much passion and surprises; it is a small world after all. Mo Better takes a flight toAtlantaand parties to the cool and classy old school beats. Rock with me and slip into your sexy gear, and enjoy making your LOVE JONES experience, a night to remember.

                 Angela Hughes Brown is inspired to write, because she loves expressing herself in a sexy way. She lives onFantasyIsland, when the world gets confusing then she starts to write to give herself a break. This has become her hobby and mission to inspire her readers to become the best what ever they want to be. She has trials and tribulations, but it only makes her stronger. Angela has been a listening ear to her clients for years, she gives them a healthy beautiful look, and inspire them in their hearts that they can make it with God on their side. Angela has never met a stranger she is out going and loves to net work. Her goal is to travel and motivate the world to GO AND GET THEIR DREAMS OUT THERE! When one door closes anther one will open with prayer and faith! Her passion constantly inspires her readers to never let their fire out life is too short! Look for her other books that is coming soon, How TO GET THE HEALTHY BACK IN YOUR HAIR, and CARPET BURNS! Yes Angela is your next fabulous new author she has a heart full of stories to tell, and she prefers to tell it her way. So laugh, cry, and learn a valuable lesson while this dynamic poetic writer pulls you into her world!     

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Novel: It’s Mo Better The Second Time Around
Tiffany is a young beautiful virgin, who falls for the wrong guy. She finds that love doesn’t wear a glove, and Charles is her abuser! He inherited this mixed up abuse from Daddy Dearest! Tiffany gives up her forbidden hidden treasure, and wears tattoos in all rainbow colors. She knows that mama didn’t raise no fool! She moans,screams,and cries out for help, making love feels like, Mr. just doing his business. Tiffany has a long way to go, and being grown doesn’t seem so pretty. Charles becomes a thing of the past finally, but he leaves scares inside this young ladies heart! Mr.Right enters into Tiffany’s world, but there is much work to do. Randy is very handsome, charming, and is lover not a fighter! Can Tiffany let the past go and eat all the dessert that is on her plate? Randy is the best thing that has ever happened to Tiffany. She learns what real love feels like! Conflict will arise,and scandal will come back and hunt her. Sit tight , because it is about to turn into a LOVE JONES THRILLER! Put your seat belts on , and take a roller coaster ride, into Tiffany’s world!
It’s Mo Better The Second Time Around, Q & A

1. Q, What inspired you to write this sexy love story?
    A, Well I was in a domestic relationship, and writing was my therapy.

2. Q, Do you consider yourself a survivor?
     A, Yes I do, I made it and it is my responsibility to help others who may be going through the same storm!

3. Q, How did you come up with the Randy character?
     A, Well Randy was not perfect but he was perfect for so many women we know inside and out! I felt it was about time someone wrote about a positive black man for a change!

4. Q, What made you tell the readers about Charles’s father’s abusive ways?
   A, The readers had a right to know how this monster began learning hoe to abuse women.

5. Q, What made you come up with that shower scene between Tiffany, and Randy?
    A, Well I wanted my book to breathe a classy sexy experience, and I wanted them to take their time.

6. Q, Your book had an old school flavor are you old school?
    A, Yes I love old school music, and life! I wanted to bring a little of that back like the candy, Now or Later, and Lemon Heads.

7. Q, Will there be a sequel or should we just vibe off this Love Jones story?
    A, Well I have many other books to come so I never say never, I will consider it in the future!    

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