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Books Exclusively On The Literary World – Update #amreading #syllit #webfiction #weblit

If you’re new to the site or just haven’t perused in a while, you wouldn’t have noticed I’ve added things to the sidebar.

I thought to let you know that I have added some new exclusive titles on the site.

Before you get to the listing, I should let you know coming soon to the exclusive lists is:

Teach Me To Love $1.99

Teach Me To Love has been put in my special exclusive store. To visit this page on this website to find out about this book, click here. This is made for mobi (Kindle) and epub (all other e-readers). I even put in the companion books in the back of this book. Click here to download your copy.

(Hint, this is where Blaque Heart first appears)  

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Vengeful Obsession (formerly Sex Weed) $1.99

This book’s name was changed just so I can push it more on social media (when I feel like it). That was really the only reason. It took me a while to find a great name to justify this very intense book.  This is also only located in the exclusive book store

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Here’s a more current  list of all the exclusive books on this site together that are FREE


EXCLUSIVE Short Stories that are FREE

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