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Author’s Note & Some Bad News

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I knew the minute I didn’t use Google Docs was the minute something was going to happen.

Now if you’re an older reader, you’re feeling the large dread in the pit of your stomach because in the past Author’s Notes are always a bad thing usually on this site. Especially when I’m so deep in the story and you guys are on the seats of your pants or at the edge of the chairs waiting with baited breath for the next part. For the newer readers, I must warn you I’ve been known to just stop a story on a dime and be like oh kay, let’s not do this anymore and the story is finished offline and never heard from again (i.e. Dark Facade, The Other side of Love, A Little Bit of Sin, Emperor’s Addiction and two others.)

But I won’t do that for this one. I plan on winning seriously and for that I need to get my butt into gear because we’re behind like 10,000 words that I need to catch up on by Sunday.


So this is what had happened…


Busy getting ready for the Twilight, I decided to add some word count to the story.


Too lazy to get on the Internet I decided to use my back up flash drive to get some inspiration thinking I’ll transfer it to Google Docs right before we left.

I got into this magical sprint and starting booking like 80 words a minute and I think with all the posting and writing from yesterday, My brain said, we’re going away. I seriously blacked out and woke up with less than 30 minutes to spare to get to the movies.

When I got home – BAM!  I didn’t last through the theme song of Law and Order SVU before I was knocked out.

Of course I woke up – late again – rush out of the house, get to work and ….

No flash drive and Google Doc is looking at me like WHAT?!

I sound like the lady on Good Times: Damn Damn Damn Damn!

(And I know you saying it too, because you know what that means)

I wanted to tell you this as early as possible so you wouldn’t be refreshing the screen all day long.

I know it’s Friday and you need the Sylvia Fix but I’m sorry. I probably won’t update until 6:30 pm EST.

Please don’t be mad at me. And no texts to my phone.

But use this as an opportunity to share with me your website or blogs and let me know what you’re doing so I can check you out.

Love and Kisses.

Your author

Sylvia Hubbard




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