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Holiday Sale: 3 Titles for #Kindle & #Smashwords! Good Til December 31st#readers #weblit

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I was just going to do a Black Friday for Amazon. Seriously, but I know how my Nook lovers and Kobo Lovers have been show. So from now until December 31st, I’m lowering the price of Three titles for my readers.

Starting Monday, November 21st through December 31st, readers, will be able to obtain these three books at great discounts.

In return for my special gift to my readers, I’d love for you to do the following:

1) If you’re a Kindle reader, loan the book to a friend

2) Do a review

3) Encourage others to buy other books by me for their digital device

Now right now I can’t gauge who did the the most, but I’d just love to know if you shared. You can even share this link on your socials as well right now!

Which books will be available? And how much?

All three of these books will be discounted to .99 cents

Cabin Fever: Heart of Detroit Series 

Stone’s Revenge

Dreams of Reality

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