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La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 5 #WIP wc 9594

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Just in case you didn’t know this is for National Novel Writing Month.

La Revanche des Trois is a novel intent on giving you sensual noir.

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3 Friends and one finds herself extremely unhappy as she realizes her friends are using her.

Yet revenge isn’t as sweet as she thought it would be when she falls for her friend’s boyfriend and then ruins another marriage.

Chapter 5

Smiling after sex felt almost as guilty as having unmarried sex with a stranger, but both felt good in Stefanie’s book.

He hadn’t put his weight fully on her and she reveled in the brief warmth and comfort of his body over her.

Still very much blindfolded, she could hear to his breathing come under control and then felt his body move away almost abruptly.

Out of courtesy, he pulled the covers up her body enough for her to reach for them and cover herself. She heard him walk away from the bed and then a door opened.

“When you hear the door closed, you may take your blindfold off,” he said far away from the bed on the other side of the room, just before she heard a door closed. His voice was still low and she knew even if she heard his voice on a normal occasion

Warily, she pulled the blindfold off her face and looked in the direction of the voice. There was just a wall with a chair in front. On the other side of the room, she saw the fireplace and a door slightly opened leading to the foyer where the elevator was.

Cautiously stepping out of bed, not trusting her legs that were still reeling from pleasure, she saw the room was beautiful just like she imagined. Looking back at the bed, she gasped at the dampness knowing fully well all of that was her.

Looking in the trashcan by the bed, she saw the condom wrapper and used condom. Her worry of protection was allayed and she found her clothes.

Right near the can was a table with another envelope. This one was smaller with her name on there and Treasure’s logo.

Opening the letter she wasn’t surprised there were more instructions.

Leave the hotel key on the table by the bed. Take your time  getting dressed and you’ll get a call tomorrow. I hope your afternoon delight was enjoyable and promises were kept.


Blushing, Stefanie found her purse that had been dropped in the lobby and she went to the extravagant bathroom.

After washing up, she was pretty much already dressed for the bar she would be attending with her friends and there was about an hour to spare before they’d actually think she wasn’t coming.

Taking a quick shower although she looked longingly at the large bathtub and wished she could settled down inside.

Getting dressed, fixing her hair and retouching the light makeup that had disappeared from her ravenous sexacade took less than thirty, but her hold up was her longing looks at the bed she was still overwhelmed by the experience she had enjoyed not too long ago with a stranger.

Before leaving, she walked over to the bed and fondly touched the sheet.

One time… that should be all she needed. He was a stranger, but he revived her courage to know pleasure could be derived by two people and there wasn’t anything wrong with her.

Grabbing her purse, she rushed out the room, called up the elevator and headed to the club.


Loud music and wall-to-wall people were not only thing that annoyed Stefanie as she made her way to the booth Jezica and Lauren were sitting at with a crowd of men around them vying for their attention.

Even though Jezica was married, she loved the attention given to her when they went out and flirted outrageously with men.

Most times, Stefanie only sat in the booth all night. Once in a while a guy would be nice enough and ask her to dance. She would always wish for the admiration Jezica and Lauren received from men, yet never felt she was worthy for their attention.

Tonight she was feeling too good to care about any looks her way and almost wanted a drink, but she knew revealing she was in a good mood was enough to make Lauren’s claws come out.

According to the bartender running her tab, Stefanie found out she was almost at thousand into food and drinks. “Can you send an Ameretto Stone Sweet to the table for me?”

“You mean a Sour?” the bartender asked.

She knew that was Lauren’s drink, but she wasn’t a fan of alcohol most of the time and that was really the only drink she could tolerate.

“No, I need a sweet one please. I could careless about what they order.” She signed for the tab. “Close my tab after that, please.”

He nodded and she left a five-dollar tip on the bar for him.

Getting to the table, Lauren onlly said, “About damn time. I’ve been very concerned.” Seh nudged Jezica with a wink she thought Stefanie didn’t see. “Weren’t we Jezica?”

“Oh yeah, we were,” Jezica lied. “I called your phone several times.”

Stefanie knew that was a lie because her phone never missed a call in the seven years she had the same mobile number and service. She didn’t come out and say what a liar the both of them were, she just lied herself. “I must have not heard it then.”

Lauren looked at her face suspiciously “What happened to your face?”

Panicked that she had not looked at her face clearly before leaving the hotel, she took out her mirror and examined her face in the dimming club lights. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.

“What do you mean?” Stefanie asked trying to keep cool.

Narrowing her dark brown eyes at her, Lauren said, “You look different.”

“She could be sick,” Jezica said. “But you are beaming like the sun. You almost look pretty, Stefanie.”

Quickly agreeing, Stefanie said, “Yes, that could be it.”

“So who is that guy at the restaurant? The one that you said was a client? The one that wrote you that big as check,” Lauren demanded.

“Oh it’s just Lethal Heart.”

Jezica gasped. “That was the real Lethal Heart?”

“Who the hell is that?” Lauren asked disgustedly.

Stefanie knew Lauren felt she should know every man – especially any handsome man. Lauren felt the earth revolved around her world and she didn’t think anyone else would ever interrupt that polarity.

The urge to ask about her money was on the tip of her tongue, but Stefanie lost her nerve as quickly as the urge as come. Making a scene in public wasn’t a good idea and Stefanie had a feeling Lauren would make one if the subject of money came up.

Once they found out Stefanie had stopped the tab on the table that alone would send Lauren into a confrontation with her, which she didn’t want to face right now, just like she didn’t want to face the large debt owed. “No one you need to even think about knowing, Lauren,” Stefanie warned. “Trust me when I say he’s not your type. Matter of fact, Lethal Heart is no woman’s type unless he makes you his type and you really don’t want to be.”

“I heard he killed his parents, his uncles and his aunts,” Jezica said covering part of her mouth as if Lethal were nearby listening to their conversation. “But since they couldn’t find the bodies they couldn’t charge him with any crimes.”

Stefanie realized for a homebound mother, Jezica knew a whole lot about nothing that had to do with her world. “I wouldn’t know the details of his personal life. I just do some work for his business.”

“What kind of business?” Lauren asked.

“None of your business,” Stefanie countered. “He’s a client, Lauren and you know I don’t discuss my clients business with anyone.”

“You aren’t a lawyer or some silly doctor, Stefanie. All you do is stupid computer work.”

Stefanie really wanted to snap out that her stupid computer work had garnered her a small fortune and paid for a lot of things most likely Lauren was wearing on her body right now. Yet instead of speaking, she decided to bit her tongue as she usually did and not say a word. Letting Lauren think she got the last word for now would only be sweeter when she decided to get her money back that Lauren owed her. Kenneth’s other option was starting look better and better.

Lauren started speaking to some guy vying for her attention by their booth, while Jezica began to flirt with another one. Every once in a while, Lauren would cut her eyes over at Stefanie as if she were about to turn into something.

The waitress brought over the drink Stefanie ordered. Jezica was trying to catch her to order another drink, but the waitress walked away too quickly.

“She’ll be back,” Lauren assured her.

To calm her nerves and give her something to do, Stefanie took to drinking her sweet liqueur knowing all hell would break loose once her “friends” realized she wasn’t going to fund their adventure anymore after tonight.

Guys had started to ask Lauren and Jezica to dance, leaving Stefanie at the booth by herself. Any other time she wouldn’t have cared, but today she was feeling too good from her afternoon delight to care.

Just as she was finishing her drink, the waitress came back over at the same time with another drink that looked just like hers.

At the same time, Lauren and Jezica were just getting off the floor from dancing.

“Oh thank you,” Lauren said taking the drink from the waitress.

“I’m sorry, it’s not for you, ma’am. It’s for Ms. Kent. A gentleman sent it over.”

Stefanie knew the waitress knew her name since they always came to this club and she was always the one paying for the drinks.

“From who?” Lauren asked offended as if someone had the nerve to do that for Stefanie.

The woman pointed to a man sitting at the end of the bar – a very handsome man who raised a similar drink up in the air.

La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 5 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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