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La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 4 #WIP wc 7940

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Day three still of National Novel Writing Month, and I know I said see you tomorrow, but thought I should at least build up Friday to tear your hair out.

La Revanche des Trois is a novel intent on giving you sensual noir.

I encourage feedback. No, I demand it! Because I love it. Good and the bad.

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3 Friends and one finds herself extremely unhappy as she realizes her friends are using her.

Yet revenge isn’t as sweet as she thought it would be when she falls for her friend’s boyfriend and then ruins another marriage.

Author’s Note: How am I going so fast? Don’t know and now that I’ve done Chapter 4, I know my word count is going to fly. According to my stats on the site, I should be done with this story by November 18th.

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November 18, 2011

Ha! Wait til my migraine catches me in a week. That’ll slow me down!

Chapter 4


There was jazz music softly playing a room away, but she couldn’t hear any noise or anyone. Her senses were definitely heightened as she felt every sound escalated and her wariness of her surroundings seemed to envelope every thump of her heartbeat.

Once the elevators doors closed and she could hear the car move back down, yet still no one came to her.

After a minute of just standing there, she fidgeted a little bit touching her blindfold in the front and then running her hands to the back to make sure the knot in the back was secure.

“You obey very well,” a deep voice whispered beside her.

She gasped startled because she had not heard anyone approach. From the distance of his voice, he was more than arms length close and tall – very tall to the point she craned her neck up. Swallowing hard, she forced herself to calm down and nod in agreement with him unsure what today or do. His hand touched her should gently. She was very aware that his fingers were long and very strong as she seemed to massage her skind down to her hands and then gripped her fingers gently to guide her to follow him. Her steps were hesitant and when she faltered again, he stopped.

She could hear his breathing and she wondered if he was nervous as her, but she doubted. Her gut was far from ill, but the nervous knot was there.

“You’re going to trust me?” he asked.

She remembered those words from Treasure, but this was a stranger. How could she just give her trust over so easily.

Her brain spoke Treasure’s hand written words, “open your mind and yourself to what lies ahead.”

“I have no choice, do I?” she asked teasingly.

“You always have a choice.” His fingers lightly moved down her spine bestowing her body with tingles all over. He moved body her and wrapped one arm around her. “You can always change your mind.”

His breath to her nape and his lip brushing up against her skin turned those tingles into shudders. She was very glad he was holding her firmly because her legs almost gave out on her.

It took a moment before she could form words. “I want to do this. I want to feel your need.”

He pulled her to his body turning her to him and Stefanie knew he was very large. The width of him was rock stolid, wide and he felt so… strong? She couldn’t describe what she couldn’t see. No one had ever given her a sensory experience like this and she was confused, scared, but damn too curious as to what was going to happen next.

Treasure wouldn’t put her in the hands of a madman, would she?

And since Treasure clients were all rich. Most likely this man had to have some good looks about him

But he was shy – That’s what Treasure had said.

Wherever he had led her, it had to be a different room than where the elevator had let her off. She could smell lavender and something sweet… honey, but she could also smell him. He wore no jacket and his shirt was made of the finest material specifically cut to fit his body … and what a body. Now that she was pressed against him, she could feel a lot more and his body was everything of her imagination – Broad, muscled, hard and taunt.

Orange and red light flickered and she could feel heat in this room coming from the side of her.

Wood crackled in that direction and she was curious to see a real fireplace in a hotel room, but the blindfold prevented that.

“Move with me,” he ordered taking both hands after moving her arms around his neck.

She liked that he had to curve his body into hers slightly because she was shorter, but she wished she could walk in those horrendous looking platform heels that Lauren wore to make it easier for him.

He whispered a beat of numbers in her ear and at the same time, guided her body to move with him. After a minute or so, she giggled and gasped! She was dancing!

Surprised at what he had gotten her to do for the first time in her life, she misstep a little, but he only moved her so they were back on track. Who was this man?!

The sound of the zipper of her dress moving down made her misstep again and this time trip over her own feet, but he didn’t missed a beat and dipped her into the fall.

“You’re scared?”

She nodded but was amazed as he held her in that pose without shaking or seeming to strain.

Slowly he lifted her and at the same time her dress fell to her ankles. She was almost bare for him to see.

Instinctively she wanted to cover herself, but she kept her hands at her side as his face came into her neck again where it had been before.

She had deigned to wear the only good black lace bra with matching panties that she picked up on one of Lauren’s shopping excursions at the insistence of Lauren, but this was after Lauren convinced her to buy six hundred dollars of underwear for her.

His breath was warm and she succumbed to the touch of his lips as they softly pressed against her jugular vein. More kisses followed up to the space behind her ear as his hands moved around her waist, making her forget that bad memory which came upon her.

“Tell me what I’m doing to you,” he ordered.

“Your lips make my nervousness go away,” she revealed.

This made him chuckle, but she was rewarded with a much longer kiss to her cheek.

“And your touch makes me forget everything except this moment.”

“Would you like more kissing or touching?” he asked keeping his voice a whisper.

She was in love with his voice’s inflection and deepness. “Both.”

That got her another chuckle, but his hands began to feel her body all over and his mouth started back on her neck, her cheek and her shoulders.

When she could, she kissed his neck and cheek. Never once, did he make it possible to kiss him directly on the lips, but that didn’t bother her at all.

She didn’t know if it was safe to touch him and with her blindfold she was very aware of everything place he touched on her. He didn’t move between his legs with his hands and he didn’t kiss her on the lips, although at this point she would be willing and ready for both.

This stranger had done more affection to her body than any man in her entire life. She didn’t regret her decision for this moment and if Treasure was there, Stefanie would have thanked her deeply.

His mouth was no longer planting kisses, but suckling over to her shoulder and then back to her neck, around her throat to the other side behind her ear. His breathing had become erratic just like hers and she could feel the grip of his hands kneading her back and then her buttocks as if touching her couldn’t sate him enough.

Though she couldn’t see the desire in his eyes, she could feel he wanted more of her and that knowledge fully aroused her. His right hand unhooked her bra and his left came around to cup each one as if feeling them was vital to his survival.

Instead of just attacking her though as she thought he would, he pulled her again to him and held her body close to his. The gesture was so tender, she was taken aback by his motions, she couldn’t help to bring her arms up to his shoulder to surrender to his body.

Stefanie could feel herself opening up mind body and soul as he lifted her up and carried her five steps over to a bed where he laid her down on her back.

She heard him removing his clothes quickly and then she could feel him lean over her on the firm bed. The cover beneath her was extremely soft and his body over her was extremely hard in more ways, than one.

His hands returned to fondling her breasts and she bravely moved her hands up to undo his shirt. When he didn’t stop her, she continued to open his shirt and push the clothes off his broad shoulders and then he let her take off his undershirt. He was bare just like she was above his waist and instead of just diving in, he laid his body against hers. Kissing her neck and then suckling her earlobe. She vibrated from his oral touch, loving his mouth and hands worshiping her body.

He descended to her chest, planting kisses on her shoulder and her arms before swooping on her breasts.

She wasn’t built like Treasure, but she knew she had a handful to please any man. This man was definitely pleased by the touch of his hands that shortly followed by his lips, mouth, teeth and tongue.

Stefanie was in pure heaven as he suckled ravenously taking his time as if they had all the time in the world.

Lost in moments of tremors, shudders and palpitations, Stefanie did note when she tried to touch his face he moved her hands to the side and found spots around her aureole to arouse her more.

Instinctively, she grinded her body against his thigh titillating her clitoris to arousal. He moved a hand over her groin to still her movements and at the same time he moved his body to the side.

She groaned at the withdrawal, but waited for more. He took her hand and allowed her to touch his chest. This was his way of giving her permission to explore his body, but he kept a light rein on her wrist so she wouldn’t go above his neck. Was this the issue he had? His face?

This didn’t bother her and she took full advantage of touching him. Moving to her knees she touched his broad shoulders and wide torso. She also realized somehow he had gotten fully naked as well. This made her blush, but never hesitant to touch him.


La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 4 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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