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La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) Chapter 1.2 #nanowrimo #wip #amwriting wc 1935

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Author’s note: those word counts can be so depressing. 3percent from my goal. Oh Lawd!
Another thing, if you’re a new reader, congrats, you’ve met Lethal Heart. Not a very nice man and don’t expect too much from him.
For old readers, I know you’re happy you got a little bit more of Lethal Heart.
You’re also meeting Treasure Heart. Her first appearance was in Emperor’s Heart ( a complete novel waiting for publication).


3 Friends and one finds herself extremely unhappy as she realizes her friends are using her.

Yet revenge isn’t as sweet as she thought it would be when she falls for her friend’s boyfriend and then ruins another marriage.

Chapter 1.2

Before Stefanie could answer, Lauren snatched the envelope from her and looked in it.

“Wow!” Lauren said.

Snatching the envelope back, Stefanie said, “It’s a client, Lauren.”

“A very well paid client. Who was that?” Lauren demanded to know.

“That’s Lethal Heart and his office assistant. I never met him until now and I really didn’t meet him.”

“What I missed?” Jezica asked coming out fixing her clothes.

“She met that big black handsome guy,” Lauren said.

“I didn’t meet him, Lauren.” Stefanie was getting exasperated. “Look, I have to go finish up some projects.”

Lauren grabbed her arm slightly digging her nails into her skin making Stefanie winced. “You are coming tonight to talk about it, right?”

Stefanie looked down at the painful grip and then looked up into Lauren’s beady dark brown dull eyes. Without the tall platform heels Lauren wore, they would be eye to eye, but for now, Stefanie was forced to crook her neck upwards at her.

“I said I’d be there.” She snatched her arm away and had a tense moment of visual heat with Lauren.

“You know no ones ever going to be your friend like we are,” Lauren said knowingly.

“Yeah,” Jezica said.

“We’ll help you celebrate your client and his money.”

Stefanie rolled her eyes and stuffed the envelope in her laptop case. “I’ll see you all tonight at the club.”

Lauren held out her ticket for the valet to get her car while Jezica followed Stefanie to her car. “Hey, I forgot to ask you about the thing for my computer. Remeber?”

Sighing in reluctance, Stefanie said, “Couldn’t Nick figure things out?”

Jezica huffed. “He’s been out of town lately. And I didn’t want to bother him over my stupidity. Can you help or not, Stefanie?”

Grudgingly, she handed Jezica a flash drive. “But you didn’t get this from me, because if you’re trying to do what I think you’re trying to do, Nick’s not stupid enough to think you did this on your own.”

Jezica smiled wickedly. “Don’t worry. I’ll be a good girl and destroy this after I install it.”

As Jezica walked away happily to jump in the car with Lauren, Stefanie had a horrible feeling she shouldn’t have done what she had done for Jezica and that what she had done would come back to bite her later on.

Nick was also a computer programmer and Jezica knew Stefanie was probably the only one who would be able to override the security program Nick had installed on the home computers to keep certain files away from his wife.

Stefanie walked to her old red Ford Escort and jumped in. In desperate need for a muffler that she just never had time to replace, she started up the car and drove away with the thought, “With friends like those, I really don’t need enemies.”

Lighting a cigarette, she took a long puff needing the nicotine to calm her nerves before driving home.

La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 1.2 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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