Counting down to @NaNoWriMo and excited as I prepare to write a “killer” novel in 30days! Who’s with me? #amwriting (cc: @nanowrimotown)

I’ve prepared the table:

The book:
La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three)


3 Friends and one finds herself extremely unhappy as she realizes her friends are using her.

Yet revenge isn’t as sweet as she thought it would be when she falls for her friend’s boyfriend and then ruins another marriage.

I haven’t found the right ingredients. I’m shaking and testing the spices (characters) and pushing the limits of what I can get away with. I’ve even brought in some spices you may know (whispering…. Lethal Heart).

I’m so excited about this one, because it’s an incorporation of a lot of things that I need to get out and other things I need to work on.

Oh, if you’ve got Kindle, you can subscribe to the blog for the month of November.

Now I won’t promise the cliffhangers or the heart stoppers because as I look into what I have to do in so little time, I’ll be good to be doing 3000 words a day and posting them religiously.
Make sure you let others know about the book and join us starting November 1st. I look forward to making my readers happy!
Now if you’re reading this and participating in writing your own thing, please let me know by commenting below and then going to the NaNoWriMo site and making a page. Don’t forget to get the handy dandy badge and make a donation!

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19 thoughts on “Counting down to @NaNoWriMo and excited as I prepare to write a “killer” novel in 30days! Who’s with me? #amwriting (cc: @nanowrimotown)

  1. I’ll be participating, but not sure what I’m writing about. I’ll probably decide when I sit down November 1 and start to write. I rarely plan anything in advance.

    1. i think the first year of Nanowrimo I was lucky to get the 50K, but the following time I did, I wanted to do it with less stress toward thened and decided to think about my characters and at least one or two unique things i’d liek to happen. now tying things together will start November 1 and the fun will began.

  2. Can’t wait to read La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three). I’m so excited!!!!

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