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Upgrade You By Syretta


Anabella Carter is alone and miserable. The only thing that brings her happiness is a blunt and a pint of Hennessy. Due to a number of misforturnes, she doesn’t know where her life is headed until she enters a urban fiction contest.  As she journeys through her tale, she discovers the meaning of love and pain. Anabella realizes one person has stood by her side during the good times and the bad. She wants to tell him how she feels, but doesn’t want to risk losing him. Will Anabella will succumb to the pain? or Will love prevail?

That was also part of the reason Anabella decided to tell her story. She had been unable to talk about the point when her life took a turn. Anabella hated that point and most importantly she hated the way her life was headed at this point. She was twenty-one years old now with a child of her own, and most times she couldn’t believe she was a mother herself.
 Anabella had gotten pregnant at seventeen, had her daughter at eighteen, and had continued to see hell every since. Currently, her National City checking account held a balance of twenty-three cent, and she didn’t have anything else to lose.
 At least we got a roof over our heads and food to shove in our mouths, Anabella thought of her, and her daughter Isabella. She was due to start one of her last three semesters at Sinclair Community College tomorrow, and she didn’t know how she was going to swing that, and writing her novel as well. But, to Anabella it no longer felt like an option anymore. It was mandatory. Anabella loved the idea that she could erase the pain and hatred from her heart. She felt like she would be able to start all over again. Anabella just hated the fact that she would have to give the readers her triumph, before her tragedy. But, she thought, what the hell? Might as well get all this shit off me. Anabella decide she would use characters real names for the time being, although she knew it was risky. That is where an urban tale was born, five days into 2008, and the day before Anabella was due to go back to school…

 Syretta A. Walker was born in South Carolina, but raised in Dayton, Ohio. She is a single mother of one little boy. Currently, she is obtaining an associate degree in real estate property management. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and eating. Her debut novel Upgrade You was written as a form of therapy after some of her old baggage began to surface. Upgrade You is loosely based around her life story. Syretta hopes that her novel can help at least one girl that is facing similar struggles.

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Get to Know Syretta:

 What is your first title called, and what is it about?
A: My first street lit title is called ‘Upgrade You’, and it is about a “broke dog”{ who goes through on trial after another on a promiscuous journey to find love; maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t.
Where did you get the inspiration to write ‘Upgrade You’?
A: My baby sister, and my son. Got to do it for the kiddies, and leave my next few generations secure.
 What sets ‘Upgrade You ‘apart from other books in the same genre?
A: I wrote the book while going through schizophrenia before being diagnosed with the disease. I was hearing voices and characters in my head.
Who was the biggest influences in your life coming up, and why?
A: My late great-grandmother because I would watch her tend house for others, sell baked goods, and remain a gracious woman while instilling a hustler’s mentality in me. Second,the late rapper Tupac Shakur, for sharing his trials with the world, and still trying to help in the crisis of poverty.
As an author, what are the keys to you success that lead to getting Upgrade You out to the public?
A: Word of mouth and attending seminars to get recognized as an upcoming serious author.
As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take to write Upgrade You?
A: It took me a month and a half. My writing process was eating a great deal of chocolate, drinking lots of sodas, and consuming lots of Newport cigarettes.
What other projects do you have available, and what’s next for Syretta Walker?
A: Chocolate Rose 2 is available on Kindle, and Nook. And I will be releasing Behind Tha Chastity Belt coming early 2012.

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