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Author, Clifton J. Dutton is a multi-faceted man that has confronted life’s positive and negative moments with courage and tenacity. His endowment of writing allows him to share these enthralling real life events, and allows the awaiting public a glimpse into his creative mind.

Born in 1972 in Sandy Spring, MD, Howard County, Clifton was raised in a middle class family of one sister and two brothers; Clifton being the youngest of the four.  He earned a full athletic scholarship to the University of Tennessee where he studied Criminal Justice. Once college was over and the dreams of a career in the NFL never materialized, he pressed on with aspirations of working in the music industry.

Although Cliff is blessed with a wide range of gifts and talents, he quickly discovered that his mastery is indisputably writing.  This expert author possesses the ability to bring his readers the gritty intense reality of the same streets that many experience every day.  Cliff’s vivid imagery causes his audience to truly understand and feel what they otherwise could only speculate, traveling  from DC boardrooms and South Beach bedrooms to this nation’s most powerful courtrooms..  Readers who are lovers of action, thrills, suspense and drama, get ready to brace yourself as he brings you powerful anthology which highlights the pleasure (and pain) of relationships, along with the dangerous and seductive world of the street life leaving no truth untold.

Brace yourselves as he releases the first of many in the Clifton Dutton Novel Series, Prince to a King!


Prince to a King is a novel set in an urban environment, but is also relatable to all societies. The love story that unfolds and proves to grip the plot, can take any reader of any backgrounds heart. How often do you find yourself cheering for the bad guy?

Based on elements of true events, new author Clifton J.Dutton takes the reader on a journey that proves to be electrifying.This novel captures the audience of the passionate type, while never losing the interest of the action and drama reader. This combination is often lost when trying to reach one core audience.

Prince to a King is an urban novel, but stretches the boundaries of the term taking you deep into the mind of a confused young black man that desperately seeks the love that was taken from him so long ago.©

DC, the murder capital, city of terror; It’s within these streets where a Prince will come to rise. Prince is a young man with a sadistic inner soul that was created by the tragic events of his early childhood.

Though these events have been suppressed deep in his mind, these are the traits that make him the man he is. As the pages turn and the roller coaster ride of Prince races toward the Man that stole his young life as he knew it, you can’t help but to cheer for the one American Gangster you hate to love.


“Nigga drive, why the fuck you sitting here..?” Before he could finish his head was flung back from the force of the truck speeding away. Fear is the worst enemy of a man. This concept was described as the fifth law of power in the book, 48 Laws of Power written by Robert E. Green. Prince was another Sun Zu of sorts. As the smoke cleared Prince stood unmoved by the events.
 The niggas ran like bitches even though everyone of them was strapped. The presence of Prince made them afraid. He was living proof that fear is indeed the worst enemy of any man. The truth of the streets of DC stood strong on that sidewalk that hot summer night. The urban legend stood tall for all to see!!


Get to Know Cliffton:

1. Where are you from?

 I am from Howard County, MD.
2. Where did you attend school?

I went to the university of Tennessee on a full football scholarship.
3. What made you begin to write?

I loved to write at an early age but once sports took over my life writing was put on the back burner. Once I was incarcerated I used the time wisely to re-invent my gift of writing.
4. Where did the concept of Prince to a King come from?

The concept literally came from the first sentence of the book. I wrote the first sentence and then let the story come to life.
5. As a writer who is Clifton Dutton?

A man that is not scared to tell the truth and creatively have the ability to fictionalize the truth of life and make written words become visual as you read.
6. how many books do you plane to release under the Clifton Dutton novel series?

The plan is for the first four releases to have three parts making 12 in all.
7. Finally what makes you different then the other hundreds of Urban authors?

My opinion is this, my upbringing is completely different then most of my fellow authors in my demographic.Most of them have a “HOOD” upbringing. Myself, I was raised in a 98% whit area which gives me uncanny ability to write and be able to expand on the interest of all demographics. I just got a great review back from a 75 year old white country woman from Nevada.


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